don’t think about wanting an abortion down in alabama

things are not looking good.
25 baby booming white jackals,
and one she-jackal who will sign the law,
passed an anti-abortion law in alabama.

so that means according to “the huffington post“:

“The Human Life Protection Act, passed Tuesday night, is an extreme anti-abortion measure that bans the procedure in all cases, including rape and incest. The only exception to the legislation is if the life of a pregnant woman is at risk.

If Gov. Kay Ivey (R) signs the bill into law, performing an abortion procedure would become a felony offense punishable by a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. Ivey has not publicly stated whether she will sign the bill.”

do you believe that shit?
why are they trying to control a vixen’s body?

we’ve made it so far and things are unraveling before our eyes.
it made me wonder…

What other laws are gonna be passed to effect the gays?

gays have made it to a a point where we can get married if we choose.
even things are still tough in society,
it’s getting to a point of acceptance amongst many.
it seems like the raggamuffins in the government has it’s own agenda tho.
it’s becoming a very scary time out here foxhole.

crime is a mess,
the hunters served to protect us can’t be trusted,
and laws are being passed to set us all back.

i asked someone tonight…

Will we ever see a positive change in our lifetime?

she said:

let’s hope once the baby boomers are gone,
the older millennials can wipe the slate clean again.

lowkey: so can you go to another state for an abortion?

article cc: the huffington post

20 thoughts on “don’t think about wanting an abortion down in alabama

  1. White folks is scared their numbers are declining + the elite need more bodies to work for their establishments. Abortion and birth control got ’em shook. It’s only a matter of time before all drug stores start locking condoms behind glass and eventually phase them out. This won’t end well.

  2. So….here’s my opinion. I’m supposed to be the second child but my mother had an abortion. When she would up get impregnated with me, she was about to have another abortion but decided (or was told not to or whatever). I’m here now, and grown.

    I always squint my eyes at women who want to have abortions. On one hand I’m pretty much PRO-LIFE. I can for sure consider abortion murder after a certain period of time. I would even go as far as saying it’s still murder either way because you are killing any chance of that child being brought into this world & living. If you don’t want the child, there are people that will gladly take them off your hands when they are born. There is a hotline and hospitals will take the newborns in, no questions asked.

    But on the other hand. They brought rape and incest into the equation….which, let’s be real here…This is Alabama we are talking about here….do we need to bring up incest & all that cause you know….😒 Nevermind. I mean idk what they were thinking about the rape part…I think that’s just Alabama logic.

    Anyways, I don’t want to speak too much on this.

    But I wonder how that man will be treated in this case (outside of rape and stuff).

    Sure women carry the baby but they can’t have them without men. So if the women are charged, should the men be charged also? Abortion should be left up to the man and woman. It’s not just her child, it’s their child. Because while she is carrying, the man has to too still work to provide for them which means cook, clean and everything else while she can’t. The baby has the genes of both parents, not just one.

    I’m not pacifying the issue but being a little realistic here.

    If both man and woman decide upon an abortion in Alabama, are they both gonna get locked up? This is a two kind of deal here. If you lock her up, by all fairness, you should lock his ass up too.

    As far as gays and their ways with laws.


    “Most sodomy laws in the United States made both oral sex and anal sex illegal. However, state laws did not agree on who could not do these things. Every state law made sodomy between homosexual couples illegal. Other state laws also made sodomy illegal between heterosexual couples, if they were not married.”

    As of 2019, 16 states had not repealed their sodomy laws, even though they cannot be used any more because of Lawrence v. Texas case. Thirteen of these state laws make both heterosexual and homosexual sodomy illegal:

    North Carolina
    South Carolina
    Three more of these state laws ban homosexual sodomy specifically: Kansas, Kentucky, and Texas.

    Since the ruling, 3 states have repealed their sodomy laws:

    Montana (directed only at homosexual sodomy via a common law definition) (repealed in 2013)
    Virginia(repealed in 2014)
    Utah (repealed in 2019)

  3. I’m liking the discussion of something topical but let’s not go off the deep end in the comment section. While personally I’m against abortion because I wouldn’t be here if my birth mom’s family wasn’t super catholic. I was adopted out because my birth mom was 15, but she went on to have a ton of abortions. Still I see merits on the other side because we are telling women what they can and can’t do with their own bodies. I choose to side with the women on this but I’m against late term abortions. This legislation is a problem because by the time you find out your pregnant according to this law you gotta have it.

  4. How did a Abortion debate devolve into “white jackals” and racism? There are just as many religious Blacks and Hispanics who support anti abortion laws as there are evangelical whites. Sure, white legislators voted for this measure but they alone are not the face of the anti abortion crusade. They have plenty of closeted religious supporters of all races.

    And the PRO CHOICE movement has largely consisted of liberal WHITE people for the past several decades. I don’t like the tone of this thread.

  5. Sounds to me like pedophiles, incest lovers and rapists of polygamist cults who want to keep producing inbred developmentally challenged babies.

  6. It’s ironic that these White Demons since they set foot on these shores, have did nothing but steal, kill and destroy., and now they want to play like they want to save the babies, I guess they want to save white babies. I am so sick of old white men who get to make these Draconian laws for everyone else. What next, lets put Black people back in slavery. I dont even have words for the stupidity of the person who posted they support this bullshit, I guess they missed the part about rape and incest, no damn man has no right to say what a woman does with her body. These same demons supporting this B.S have no problem seeing Black bodies murdered by the police. These dirty bastards are not pro-life at all. They never want to support the children who are already here, they cut education funding, school lunches, food stamps, medical benefits and the list goes on. These backwood hillbillies will come for minorities and gays next with more laws if this one is allowed to stand. So many people out here surviving and do not realize that these right wing zealots with the blessing of America’s ruling class are going to ensure that we all work enough to keep them and their families rich until we are no longer any use so when we are no longer able to work they are going to cut retirement and medical benefits so that we will die off and never get to enjoy the fruits of social security. Wake Up, this is only the beginning of what these crazy white zealots are trying to do. As you see daily, they have said FUCK the rule of law, we are rich and white and we do what we want. Laws and Rules are for the poor and minorities.

  7. Srry but I agree with the law, I saw what abortion is & how it’s done, and I dnt agree with it, 9 times out of ten abortion is used when young teens aren’t ready to be parents and THEIR parents dnt want to be embarrassed by having their kid expecting so young, and then it’s usually later in the pregnancy because the girl hid it while she “figured things out” So by that time the “fetus” is a small child that does feel it’s limbs and flesh being torn apart, with that being said I just dnt feel bad about this one….and let’s not even get started on sexually irresponsible 20 something yr old women *coughes* HOES, that treat abortions like a trip to the dentist

    1. ^so you would rather some child be brought into this world,
      only to be abused and neglected,
      possibly killed?
      that sounds like a better option!

    2. “then its usually later in the pregnancy because the girl hid it….”

      That’s not how abortion works in this country buddy. At all. That’s 100% false. I’m not quite sure you know what you’re talking about. If you simply want to bash “hoes”….just do that. It’s easier.

      1. Uh, that is how it works in this country, abortions go up until 5 months “buddy” so I KNOW exactly what I’m talking about, thanks

        1. A fetus doesn’t process painful stimuli until about 25 weeks – the third trimester. You’re just here to complain and lie about women’s sexual lives. Abortion is a serious decision for women who get them – no one just casually gets one for the hell of it. In many cases, they are procedurally required to take a cooling off period to consider it.

          1. No Bryan, you don’t. Lol. You can’t just make up things and present it as fact. Again, it’s easier to admit you don’t like women making decisions about their own bodies. The fact that you used examples of “hoes” is telling.

    3. So, do you agree and think like this oxygen bandit?

      “If a 12 year old is raped by her father and the father takes her to get an abortion, the evidence of the crime will be destroyed and he will go on molesting his victim for years. If however the child is born, his crime will be discovered and she will be rescued from the abuse.”

      1. Of course I dnt JB, HOWEVER most abortion cases are not from these tragic cases, they are simply sexual irresponsibility and not wanting to take responsibility, as well as not being financially Able


      The nerve of a gay man speaking out, when he cannot get pregnant.

  8. Wow, I was jus literally pressing “send” to a co-worker on a email discussion about this shit

    when I saw your new post notification… The heading of my email was “Can we jus’ secede from these mofos and the like?” and she replied “Get rid of Alabama first!”

    Then I replied back w/ the fact that I learned this afternoon that if a woman resides in Alabama but crosses state lines to have her abortion, then travels back to Alabama, then she’ll still be subject to the same penalties as if she did it w/in Alabama… I mean, how ridiculous and disgusting (vis-à-vis the policing of women’s bodies by these old ass white men) can you get?

    I love the South… I hate the South.

      1. I mean, idk… it’s complicated… buy some property down there, have it as an option… vacay home perhaps, *shrugs*… but have options to be someplace else, esp when things start poppin’ heavy on the impending civil war 2.0 front.

        Oh, speaking of racism, do understand this whole pro-life/anti-abortion & choice movement was laid on a foundation of racist ideology and is now really be spearheaded by campaign to increase white babies; changing demographics of this country are scarin’ “them” shitless!… read below:

        Since then, multiple prominent pro-life figures have called Trump some variation of, “The most pro-life president in our nation’s history,” while virtually none have denounced his rabid Islamophobia, [8] anti-Black racism, [9] and despicable rhetoric about South and Central Americans, [10] let alone how his policies are contributing to the deaths of children at the border. [11] And why would they? It suits a grand plan: removing Roe, forcing policy change reflecting fundamentalist Christianity, and ensuring more white babies populate the country because abortion restrictions will no longer have as outsized an impact on poor women of color. [12]

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