why didn’t they love maleah davis?

some vixens have a really nasty habit out here.
they love leaving their kids with “the random wolf they’re fuckin’“.
don’t know this asshole beside his dick,
yet they feel he’ll make a great babysitter.
i never understood it.
if i had cubs,
and i happened to be a single father,
no one i’m dating would be meeting my children.
it may take years and it’ll be on some “hi-bye” type of shit if it happens.
the story of maleah davis really saddened me.
i don’t know if you know about this but…

it’s about a 4 year old in texas who has gone missing.
she was staying with her step father while her mother was away.
he claims he was hijacked while changing a tire and she was kidnapped.
i don’t believe a single word of it.
he looks guilty:

his whole facial looks like he did wrong.
the last images of her truly haunt me:

she never came back out the house.
on the day he claimed she was kidnapped,
he re-appeared without her:

i hate to say i font that she’s probably in that laundry basket.
the mother ( x accused him of being gay ) so he alleged snapped.
bad enough,
maleah suffered multiple brain injuries while living in that home:

i’m truly devesated.
i’m weeping at this beautiful little girl looking so battered.
that poor child didn’t have a chance.

Why do hyenas and jackals breed if they don’t want these kids?

wear a fuckin condom and use plan b.
these kids do not deserve to come into this world to be abused.
i’m truly sick with this story.
my hope for maleah returing home alive is doubtful.
i hope he rots in jail AND the mother are thown in for neglect.
until proven otherwise:


absolutely ridiculous story.

lowkey: this story made me depressed.

9 thoughts on “why didn’t they love maleah davis?

  1. Trash bucket bitches breed with vermin and have kids they can’t care for who either end up dead or terrorizing other children who just want to exist, but yet gays are the problem.

    Guttersnipe nigresses need their holes cemented up and the niggas ought to be castrated like in antebellum times. Poor baby girl though, she just didn’t stand a chance! She marinated and cooked in a womb that didn’t even want her.

  2. I knew he did it from jump.

    Mexicans jumping him and taking that little girl while leaving him and his son unharmed wasn’t even believable.

    Then the fact the mother would even leave her daughter with him, plus the past shitty CPS investigations had me wanting to beat her ass. Plus this little girl had a whole biological father, where the hell was he?

    Black and brown children are really being neglected by these parents in their mid 40’s and under and I say this as someone that works in education.

    They’re either mothers too busy hopping from penis to penis or absentee fathers that send a child support check, if even that.

    Jamari, these idiots know what they need to do to avoid having children if they don’t want them. You can get condoms for free, and women know where to get free birth control, or how to finesse getting their tubes tied. There’s no excuse in 2019.

    These people want control over these little babies because they don’t have shit else. They don’t put hopes and dreams into these kids to be better than them, they’re just someone to control.

  3. Alabama just passed a law that effectively bans all abortions in the state. And other southern states are on the march towards restricting a woman’s right to end a pregnancy.

    If you want to curve the number of unwanted children born to these dysfunctional households you should fight for a woman’s right to contraception in all forms.

    I blame Maleah’s ignorant mother just as much as the monster she invited into her home.

    1. Excellent point. The pill, Plan B, similar medications, free condoms–in addition to ensuring safe and legal abortions, we need to fight for comprehensive sex ed, which has repeatedly been shown to reduce unwanted pregnancies and cut STI/STD rates, and free/low cost and safe contraception as well. The right-wing are coming for those too!

  4. You need a license for everything except having children 🙁

    I genuinely feel a background check BY YOUR PEERS should be done to see if you’re fit to have children.

  5. My Heart is Broken and Weeps. Poor,poor,poor sweet angel.

    Her time here was so unjust!!!

  6. This kinda shit pisses me TF off!!! These weak ass women expose their kids to these sorry SOBS all for dick/just to say they have a man!!! She’s just as guilty as he is, I hate to wish ill on anyone, but they have it coming to them. Bitch doing all that crying and shit, you knew what type of nigga he was when you got with him stupid hoe. Please excuse my language foxhole, just mad and hurt.

    1. ^she is crying,
      but where was those tears when maleah was getting brain surgery?
      when she was being abused in that same home?????
      i am so disgusted and devasted at this story.

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