kevin abstract and calvin klein go gay

so i guess it’s known that rapping wolf,
kevin abstract,
likes males.
i don’t know much about him tbh.
upon further investigation,
his instagram pretty much lets it be known he’s in a relationship:

his alleged boyfriend is jaden walker.
i don’t know who he is either.
calvin klein” put kevin in a recent ad.
a foxholer sent me the lead and well…

*waits for the straights to claim the agenda of turning black males gay*

you know that nonsense is coming.
now is that jaden in the ad as well?
i wonder if they would have done an ad with kevin…
if he was dating a a black male?
either way,
i like kevin’s calvin klein sweat shirt.
i want one.

video and picture cc: instagram

29 thoughts on “kevin abstract and calvin klein go gay

  1. I bet that white boy has nothing to offer other than the fact that he’s white. Another dumb negro giving all his hard earned cash back to the white community.

  2. He has a music video where he’s getting head from a White guy. At least he’s consistent.

  3. Based on these comments I’m reading Jamari, some of the Foxhole not with the bullshit & call it out. They can see pass the Disney glitter and sparkles. Everyone knows these ads and things are set up strategically.

    From releasing Black Panther in February to cash in on Black people to everything and in-between. Which is popular as the Marvel movies are with Soo many people..The majority of them feature only white people as the main protagonists & key role players (they just settle for being side-kicks). All these things that blacks love to death and are insanely popular, never have any POC on the face of the cover as the head honcho. Captain America is the perfect representation of America alright…🙄

    Chi..they ain’t thinking about melanin. They shit on Asians too…unless it’s a karate movie..but then again..some white man is usually behind that as well and ends up with the Asian woman.

    While I do support forms of interracial love…I do believe there needs to more black on black love between men displayed in the media.

    Black Panther was a money grab for sure despite there being Blade, Spawn and Steel being before him… They planned that pretty damn well…Black Panther – Black Power… Black Panther society…etc

    Off topic, but I also think Disney is an evil corporation. Them motha fukas own a lot more than you think they do…

    1. They just took control of Hulu yesterday and bought Fox. Simpsons will start airing on Freeform. And I concur about Black Panther. That movie made WHITE people the most money.

      1. I sent my cousin the link yesterday from my LinkedIn account.. He said he been peeped at it and how Disney is getting out of hand.

          1. I don’t understand why though. Disney is coming out with their own streaming service called Disney+. They just want to own everything, smh

  4. Y’all know why they date and marry these white people. I don’t like ANY celebrity. Too many issues.

  5. Yeah no…. I’m going to have to pass on this. I wish them the best but the amount of famous black gay men who rush to date BASIC white men is absolutely disturbing. It’s no different from the straight black men who will date black until they get public recognition and then will drop Keisha for a Becky. The desire to align with whiteness as a symbol of fame and fortune is something I cannot ignore and it’s time to call that shit out.

    I’m not hater, I just love my blackness and can’t fathom why others don’t love theirs, too.

  6. Obsessed with his music! Love Brockhampton & Kevin Abstract’s music! Literally become my new rotation spin on Spotify. Brockhampton’s most recent album also went #1 on billboard.

    “Empty” & “Mississippi” are my favorite songs from Kevin. Hope he goes far. I love seeing young black gays who are my age doing well. Kevin Abstract, Denzel Dion, Rickey Thompson, Zachary Campbell etc.

  7. You really touched on something here. Why is there literally NO representations of black gay male love in the media, sports, entertainment arenas? Because all the black gay men in those arenas have chosen non-black men. It happens way too often to be coincidence. Micael Sam, RuPaul, Todrick Hall, Don Lemon, Karamo Brown, even Billy Porter have all decided being nonblack men is better for their lives and careers. It’s almost like they feel being with white men makes them more palatable to the mainstream. Whats also sad is that most of them claim to be so woke and problack, yet like their cis gendered counterparts, didn’t even think enough of your own race to create a successful black family..

    1. Be real they chose white guys because most black gays are looking for some type of perfection or stereotypes of black male masculinity. Don lemon and billy porter don’t meet that. That’s why they go where they are celebrated. White people can be dush bags and racist but now a days they are very welcoming and open . I’ve slept with many white guys, not more than black but I will say other races are more accepting you as you are. The black culture will fault you for going outside your race but penalize you for being different. Meanwhile look at all the old black gays, single and lonely.

      1. There are a lot of black gay couples who aren’t famous but together. Just go to any Black gay pride, or House music outdoor event across the US, etc., or concerts featuring stars Black LBGTQ folks love (from Patti LaBelle to Janet Jackson, etc.), and you’ll see Black gay couples. They aren’t Hollywood stars, but they’re–we’re–out here.

      2. What a load of BS…. get real a lot of these Blk men date marry white men for their own self serving reason. White men are just as problematic as any other men. Take it from me..As a Psychotherapist for over 30 years I see some of the most effed up white male relationships.. White men are just as hungry seeking perfection, a come up as Black men.. its a human thing. I could tell U all some case stories I’ve seen that would make your head spin, but clearly this is not the time, place.

  8. I’ve heard of him… been know of him for a few years.

    Anyways, I’ll pass.

    Also, the CK ad was tired. I felt like I was looking at one of those “I got genital herpes but it doesn’t control my life” type commercials.

    Let me slide in my Calvin’s so I can speak my truth.

    It would have been more powerful with two black men…considering how infrequent they are portrayed together in media in a strong loving manner… Also a good time to promote awareness between self-love and black love with fashion.

    I get what I want, no matter the shade, we are bound by the threads of eternal fate. (Perfect time to showcase two black males wearing different styles of CK clothing…while also playing off both self-identity and fashion & expressing genuine love.)

    Folks keep talking about representation for gay black men but keep condoning everything else but it. Even Stevie Wonder can see the racial implications in those ads.

    As far as him dating that white guy…Jared is cute to me but every time folks get online with these photos..I just cringe… It’s like Are you still in High School?

    Anyways, some of the white boys be packing. I ain’t never messed with one. I’m not really attracted but there is one at my job that looks pretty damn good and clean cut, smelling like the barber shop everyday. 😘

    1. Dating a White partner gives you a leg up in the entertainment industry, unfortunately. Aside from Denzel and Will Smith, there aren’t many Straight Black men dating Black women who are at the top of their acting game.

      Luke Cage’s actor is with a White woman. The Guy who played in Selma, also is. Heck, even the actor in Supergirl who plays Martian Manhunter. Jimmy Olsen on Supergirl also is dating a White woman. Lawrence from Insecure is dating a White woman. Donald Glover. Isiah Mustafa. Brian White. Omari Hardwick.

      Even with women, Phylicia Rashad’s daughter just got engaged to a White man.

      In the gay realm, Lee Daniels, some guy who looks White, but might be Italian or Latino. The guy from Queer Eye. Don Lemon. Billy Porter.

      The Swirl is Real and here to stay.

      I personally think Don Lemon’s “Black men are DL” excuse was trash. Yes there are fewer Black men as you go up, but they ARE there. I see so many proudly educated, SUCCESSFUL single Black men on the apps so he can’t even say that there’d be an educational gap. I don’t message them because I’m not in their tax bracket yet haha

      1. Tika Sumpter too! She just booked a new show, Mixed-ish a Black-Ish spinoff based on the wife’s childhood.

      2. Everything you’re saying is true.

        But there are a LOT of top Black male actors with Black/Brown spouses/partners. Like:

        Mahershala Ali & his wife; Don Cheadle and his wife; Idris Elba & Sabrina Dhowre; Sterling K. Brown & Ryan Michelle Bathé; Anthony Mackey & Sheletta Chapital; Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Ari Parker; Lance Gross & Rebecca Jefferson; Trai Byers & Grace Gealey; Rockmond Dunbar & Maya Dunbar; Chris Tucker & India Arie; Chadwick Boseman and his wife; Blair Underwood and his wife; LL Cool J and his wife; Harry Lennix and his wife; Mekhi Phifer and his wife; Pooch & Linda Hall, and on and on.

        Other Black straight actors with Black dating partners/spouses/long-term partners: Laurence Fishburne; Bryshere Gray; Forest Whitaker; Trystan Wilds; Brian Stokes Mitchell; Jeffrey Wright; Mike Epps; Morris Chestnut; Tahj Mowry; Bill Bellamy; Omar Epps; Common; etc.

        And let’s not forget Tyler Perry, who’s been linked to several high profile Black women. And Cory Booker, now with Rosario Dawson. LOL

        You’re right about Black gay/bi/cis celebs, though. Jussie was one high-profile advocate of Black-on-Black love….

  9. Okay. Because everyone else is playing nice, I’ll say it.

    If you are writing paragraphs about your significant other, they’d better be writing paragraphs about you.

    They say that in a relationship one loves the other more and it’s best not to be that person so you don’t end up with egg on your face. I am not the type to take my relationship to social media, but if I did you’re going to post more than an effing emoji or just like the post.

    I….hope for Kevin’s sake that this lasts. That boy is ALL in.

  10. This new generation is really benefiting from our struggles and battles. I’m happy for them!

    Jamari, you know damn well that 2 black gays wouldn’t be celebrated in that fashion. Straight black love is barely acknowledged.

    1. @To be Young

      Agreed. And while I don’t ascribe to identity politics I DO need to see a happy, successful Black gay couple celebrated and admired before I die.

  11. I’m happy for Kevin. I’ve never heard of him. You just introduced him to me but what I can say is find love where you can. Do I believe as black people we fail to realize we are not all the same yes. Until we stop treating each other wrong for being different and isolating different genres of black that is when we can truly question things

  12. i like that sweat shirt…and lord knows my ratchet side loves a grill lol

  13. Yes, there is racism in the fashion industry. Regardless, they look incredibly happy and in love. Let them have their moment without all that extra you are giving. Maybe, post something positive about a young couple and instead of bringing them down into your soapbox.

    1. My friend said that the language in the ad is problematic. “Don’t protect me from what I want”. And it being a White man. As if Black men who look like him really want a White man. (Straight passing, etc) and now he can be accepted, because he’s with a White man. He said any other couple that would have been depicted, wouldn’t come off as a fetish. Being so dismissive and calling Jamari a hater is not it.

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