i wonder what their shit is telling them today?

i’m sure the shit is stinkin’ right now.
so my ex-coworker/friend from my last position sent me a text:

“Can you talk?”

i figured she wanted to vent about her day.
i have time.
that job has gotten really stressful for her as of late.
so you know the person they replaced me with?


she was let go today.
a week and a 1/2.
reasoning: “wasn’t working out”.
it came at a bad time because folks are on vacation and sick leave.
my favorite part?
one of the assistants saying outloud,
in front of my ex-supervisor and her minion:

i don’t know why you got rid of jamari.
he was fantastic.”

i would have paid good money to see those reactions.
jackals never understand tehy never win when they play dirty.
they also never understand:

They never win when they play dirty with me.

i’m protected by The Universe baby.
i’m not perfect,
but i’m not an asshole either.
things might get rough,
and i do struggle at times,
but the attacks of the enemy always bounce tf back.
this is why i don’t do revenge or the back and forth.
it all comes out in the wash eventually.
this looks good with my head huntress for me too.
it shows it’s them.
they don’t a high turn over rate in my last position for a reason.
i’ll allow it.

lowkey: execs are still asking about me at that job too.
i miss them and enjoyed working wth them.
i didn’t enjoy my supervisor and her minion.

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7 thoughts on “i wonder what their shit is telling them today?”

  1. I know that moment doesn’t necessarily completely rectify being unjustly fired but I’m sure it feels good to have validation that your presence is valuable. Its the small things sometimes. Hope you are well. XoXo.

  2. Have you ever thought about starting a youtube? Try to get it monetized it could bring in some extra cash!

  3. You know what Jamari, I never really like to talk about karma affecting folks I know but I know the Universe protects me & surely restricts or punishes those that resnt or do things behind my back.

    Ole Hawaiian dude that was wish-washy and started, acting funny & rude with me…them eomployers were wishy-washy too and let him go from the job…He no longer works there anymore…

    Shit happens…🤷

    I see folks are getting some Universal justice on your end too.

  4. Jamari, I move to remove “sh!ts and giggles” from the English language. Somebody said it to me today and all I could think of was a sh!tty bottom giggling after painting the top’s pubes brown.

  5. If they ask you back, request an unreasonably high ass salary just to see what they say.

    Remember you’re helping them, not the other way around.

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