jerrod carmichael might be “maybe” gay

so what a time to be alive.
these days,
males are being super candid about sleeping with other males.
comedian jerrod carmichael might be another.
on his comedy special called “home videos” on hbo last night,
jerrod might have thrown in his bisexual past in a convo with his mother…

Comedian Jerrod Carmichael got very personal in his latest HBO special on Sunday, candidly revealing during a discussion on sexuality that he has had relationships with men.

During Home Videosthe first of two specials in which Carmichael will have informal, intimate conversations with his family — Carmichael returned home to North Carolina, where he sat down for a Q&A with his mother, Cynthia. After asking his mom to reflect on the affair that Cynthia’s husband once had on her, Carmichael asked if she’s ever been attracted to women.

I’ve hooked up with dudes before,” Carmichael revealed, after Cynthia said she’d never had those feelings for a woman. Her response? “Well, OK. That’s your option. I like men.” The conversation ended shortly after that exchange, and there was no further discussion of how Carmichael labels his sexuality.

in my head,
she was like this when he said that:

he’s a comedian.
they’re known to say off the wall shit for jokes.
for those who know about him,
is his shtick being “an interracial dater“?
i’m asking because of the trailer for “home videos“:

i’ve heard of many black males who date white vixens tend to “dip”.
allegedly fonting,
that is.
i don’t know much about jerrod,
but i’m interested to see how this plays out.

article cc: tvline

17 thoughts on “jerrod carmichael might be “maybe” gay

  1. Jerrod is corny, but he definitely pinged my ‘dar while his Carmichael show was still on.

    I bet he’s hung like a stallion with his bony ass… I’d date him. I like corny guys.

    He had a boy next door cuteness about him until he got that ridiculous nose job. I thought he looked better before and he really didn’t need it.

    As far as the “dip” Jamari, I heard they date non-Black girls because they won’t question their ways like a Black woman will. They must’ve never been to a Black church. Just about all of those churchy men are femininos.

  2. *blankly stares at blunt*

    I’m not shocked that he’s sexually ambiguous nor am I shocked that he more than likely prefers white men, too. I mean…what famous black gay or bi man doesn’t?

  3. I can co-sign on the inter racial dating/marriage aspect in the comments as I’ve seen it from Frat brothers. I had a White brother lowkey trying to get with me while dating a sister. Unfortunately I wasn’t into dudes at all then (yet) but he was a fine bodybuilder who also liked to pick me up and carry me away in the Frat house. His girlfriend thought it was funny but i was annoyed by how handsy he was with my body. My other Frat brother that I was real close to would only date white chicks. He had family money and after graduation he knocked up a white chick. He married her and moved to New York. I remember he told me he told her about his desires and she was accepting. He even moved his 15yr old lover in with them and the new baby. I can’t speak for everyone but I think white chicks are more down for anything and sisters ain’t having all that.

  4. I don’t know enough about Carmichael’s comedy and career to comment fully on this news. However, the comments from other readers are very perceptive. Particularly the points about his possible leanings towards interracial dating and not being “hot enough” for the shallow seas of black gay men.

    I wish him well, but just because his skin looks like mine doesn’t mean this news will translate into walls of homophobia being broken down for black gay youth. (particularly if Carmichael isn’t allowing black men into his intimate spaces)

    * looking at YOU Don Lemon*

    Lets see what happens.

  5. Back in the day when I was “dippin’ it and doin’ it” (In the words of Aunt Wendy) 75% of the DL Wolves I messed with were married/dating white girls. White girls are more naive/accepting and its easier to hide from than a black woman. Jerrod gives me experimenting in college teas, with white boys of course, I just don’t think the shallow black gays would give him a second look!

    1. White women might be more accepting in some cases but to say they’re more naive of DL behavior than Black Women idk. Many Black Women go for tge same stereotypical hypermasculine brothas who are extra gay. A womans perception depends on her sense of discernment not race. Women in general are very perceptive they just choose to ignore the signs because of denial

      1. As a black woman it drives me crazy when black women say black men on the DL mostly date non black women because they are weak,naive, clueless,etc.Yet in the same breath they say black men on the DL are the reason the HIV rate is so high for black women.

        That makes no sense.You can’t say black men on the DL primarily date Beckys and also say black men on the DL are infecting black women with HIV.

        Women of all races get fooled by guys on the DL.And guys of all races are on the DL.It’s not unique to the black community.IMO all those white,asian,latino,etc men on Grinder,Jack’d,sex apps who have wives/girlfriends and who have sex with men , are on the DL.Some of them are gay,some are bisexual but if they are dating/marrying women in public and unbeknownst to the women sleeping with men in private,I consider them being on the DL.

  6. His TV show even though it was was pretty good. U should check it out

  7. You know what’s crazy is I could care less about the bisexuality; I was more drawn in about the clip’s conversation about interracial relationships. I don’t know if its editing, but you could almost feel the disappointment from the woman at the kitchen counter. I think it’s an interesting conversation can you believe in and support black love if you’re not in a black relationship or better yet desire to be in a black relationship.

    1. MMMmmmmmm… I can only speak for myself.. I need to Love someone who can see and feel the world though my eyes (Being Judged for Black Skin, Slavery, Police Brutality, Black Players ,but No Black Coaches, Flint Water Crises, Martin Luther King Day, Etc…. )..I’m going to be real nice because this is social media and others don’t share my view

      1. I’m attracted to black men and they are my preference as well…BUT I do find a lot of white guys attractive as well and wouldn’t be closed minded to dating them. This idea that you can only see your ideal partner as someone who understands the black struggle and can relate from experience is the reason why there is a sea of black men who are single and conflicted about why that is. Love is love it sees no color at all as cliche as that may sound. All the black men I have been with give the same ole bullshit! DL, indecisive, not ready, hoes, only interested in sex and won’t settle down cuz they haven’t fucked everybody yet and so forth. I think black men who end up with white men are because of a few things. Number one nobody who is out and proud wants to deal with a DL confused dude that’s a waste of time. Number 2 the family aspect of things; out gay black men already suffer it from their end and a lot of time we all share the same story with black families. So they drift towards other races that are less prejudice and rejecting of their own, more open minded.
        Black men are still my preference but whatever love brings my way will be my forever. Oh well!

        1. I totally concur. I want to be in love with someone who wants to be in love with me. Race doesn’t matter.

          He looks like he could be into boys. I’m not really surprised and he’s not cute so I’m not interested either lmao.

        2. I see your point my dear friend and welcome it.I used to be very open and optimistic about dating . I have dated both white women and men. I went to an all White Middle school and High School.( Both were very ,very wonderful experiences )

          It wasn’t until latter and recently in my life ;

          * with Trump and his supporters
          * Innocent Black and Jewish Worshipers being slaughtered ( by Whites)
          *Innocent black men and women STILL being shot , lynched and set up( by Whites)
          * Mexican alienation the wall( By Whites)
          * Muslim Ban ( by Whites)

          that I grew very , weary of non-black people/ White people . I still have hope and will be friends , neighbors , team mates ,, But cant imagine being in an intimate relationship with a Non- Black Bother.

          BTW: There are more single White Gay Males who are not in relationships ( I have friends)

  8. He really asked why does he have to be with someone Black to be a part of Black Love.

    But hey, comedy.

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