if you live in uganda and you’re gay, consider yourself dead soon

the foxhole is worldwide.
i get so many dms and love from foxholers from different forests.
few have told me that i was their comfort in some homophobic countries.
that meant a lot to me because when i was coming up and all alone,
i needed a blanket of comfort and a community as well.

I want to send my prayers to any foxholers in Uganda atm.

if you’re gay out there,
you’re going to prison for life (or put to death) with a new law…

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don’t think about wanting an abortion down in alabama

things are not looking good.
25 baby booming white jackals,
and one she-jackal who will sign the law,
passed an anti-abortion law in alabama.

so that means according to “the huffington post“:

“The Human Life Protection Act, passed Tuesday night, is an extreme anti-abortion measure that bans the procedure in all cases, including rape and incest. The only exception to the legislation is if the life of a pregnant woman is at risk.

If Gov. Kay Ivey (R) signs the bill into law, performing an abortion procedure would become a felony offense punishable by a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison. Ivey has not publicly stated whether she will sign the bill.”

do you believe that shit?
why are they trying to control a vixen’s body?

we’ve made it so far and things are unraveling before our eyes.
it made me wonder…

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You May See A Trans In Your School Bathroom Soon

tumblr_mcczxuXlFi1qe6vsbo1_1280-1so obama is trying to go with a bang,
i read this and was completely blown away.
so obama is ordering public schools to allow trans to have access to public bathrooms.
well whatever bathroom matches their identity.
if they don’t,
the school will lose funding.
read this via the new york times
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You Put My Nudes Online and I’ll Have Your Ass Arrested

tumblr_msbse5qUry1qi857wo1_500“let me upload this to myexisabastard.com tonight.
that will show him!”
so your ex has pissed you off.
don’t they all?
well you have all his nudes and sex videos in your possession.
with a little photo shop you can block out your face and give everyone a little show and tell.
tell how much of a freak he is in the bed.
l with an upcoming law tho,
you better just jack off to the memories.
“revenge porn” could have you sitting in jail…

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Do You Want Pure Concrete Booty?

Is this the new wave in booty implants?

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Jamari-ism (1)

If you want something or someone,
ask for it and then let it go.
I find that when I want something,
I will mentally say “I WANT THAT” and forget all about it.
Those are the things I usually get.
A little bit of Law of Attraction never hurt, right?

But I have noticed….

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