if you live in uganda and you’re gay, consider yourself dead soon

the foxhole is worldwide.
i get so many dms and love from foxholers from different forests.
few have told me that i was their comfort in some homophobic countries.
that meant a lot to me because when i was coming up and all alone,
i needed a blanket of comfort and a community as well.

I want to send my prayers to any foxholers in Uganda atm.

if you’re gay out there,
you’re going to prison for life (or put to death) with a new law…

People who identify as gay in Uganda risk life in prison after parliament passed a new bill to crack down on homosexual activities.

It also includes the death penalty in certain cases.

A rights activist told the BBC the debate around the bill had led to fear of more attacks on gay people.

“There is a lot of blackmail. People are receiving calls that ‘if you don’t give me money, I will report that you are gay,'” they said.

The bill is one of the toughest pieces of anti-gay legislation in Africa.

Homosexual acts are already illegal in Uganda but this bill introduces many new criminal offences.

As well as making merely identifying as gay illegal for the first time, friends, family and members of the community would have a duty to report individuals in same-sex relationships to the authorities.

It was passed with widespread support in Uganda’s parliament on Tuesday evening.

damn not people snitching too!!!!!
that is wild crazy.

this is the president of uganda in an interview 6 years ago:

of course,
its black jackals who forget what being oppressed feels like.

I can only imagine what scriptures are being used to back up this nonsense.

when i see laws like this in other countries,
i feel extremely blessed to live in america.
as many issues as america has,
it is shit if a lot better than trying to survive in a homophobic ass country.
we don’t realize how easier it is out here being gay/bi/trans/non-binary.

For those who are gay in Uganda,
I suggest it’s time to make an exit plan.
For foxholers who want to visit Uganda,
I suggest you scratch that country off your bucket list.

it’s best to leave and avoid the places where we aren’t wanted.

lowkey: imagine us living in a country like uganda rn.
i would have to write on the foxhole secretly or end it.
we would have to get beards and live a life of unhappiness.
don’t even think of starting an onlyfans being gay.

what a wild way to be appreciative of the voice and life that i have.

article cc: bbc

5 thoughts on “if you live in uganda and you’re gay, consider yourself dead soon

  1. The sad and Ironic truth to Homophobia in Post Colonial Africa and The Caribbean is that the “Great White Master” introduced Homophobia [ based on incorrectly interpreted Biblical Scripture ] to ignorant “Blackies who embraced it along with the Blonde Christ and that other Main Stream Religious option [ That I want name due to fear that they will kill me ].

    Its ironic because today in 2023, the White Western Oppressors accept Homosexuality and the Dumb N*GGaz embrace and create laws like this. Its so embarring [ I am a Proud Black Gay Man of African Heritage.]

    Here in the US ” Backward Bible Booting Buffoons” still uphold Homophobia and use this “Work of Fiction “( that should be used to inspire Good and Love) to validate hate.These Jiggaboos will evan embrace the Evil Republicans due to “conservative ” values. ( ha ha ha )

    Sorry bruthaz if I am extra heated on this subject. Homophobia by my fellow Brothers and Sisters hurts !!

  2. i thought that was a cock on their flag but googled and it’s a crane. anyways as always leaders be worried bout the wrong shit.

  3. They gon be cryin’ when they treat this like the Salem witch trial and just start acccusing folk outta spite! Lawd these people so obsessed to the point if thier own downfall

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