he wanted to pull out on his own time but someone else did it for him (josh molina)

i always feel for those that are pulled out of the closet before they are ready.
some jackals out here really think they are doing something but…

No one cares about the one who does the pulling.
The pulled-out ends up getting sympathy.

some jackals’ evil deeds always end up backfiring on them.
ufc fighter,
jeff molina,
was exposed with another male in a video.
this was his statement

his words are very interesting.

We know,
or don’t know,
other males who are dealing with this.
They have felt a certain way toward other males but had to blend in with the crowd to survive.

to many,
it’s a survival tactic for many.
depending on how you were pulled out,
i can find empathy.
i know josh is taking it in stride but i hope his mental health is okay.

Some people don’t care about your mental health.
They just care that they found a new hero or a new villain.

sending positive vibes his way.

lowkey: i don’t care how much i cant stand my “on the low” wolf,
i would never stoop as low as to out him unless he did something major.
major: gave me a disease(s) or i found out he killed someone(s).
i just feel like there is no point and i’m not giving him a storyline.

article cc: daily mail

8 thoughts on “he wanted to pull out on his own time but someone else did it for him (josh molina)

  1. In my opinion Any man sucking pipe on camera wants to be outed…matter fact if you so dl why you even recording evidence, it’s 2023 do better

      1. Do we know if he knew if he was being recorded? That post of his was def TLDR, ijs

        1. do people be so focused & mesmerized on the dick they don’t bother looking up until they’re finished. hell i’m so paranoid, not about being outed but just being put on the internet period, that i’d rather pay for a hotel room. too many people out here with hidden cameras.

  2. I do feel bad for him and fully get what he meant by how they would treat him and label him once he came out (I’m looking at the fandom that thirsted after lnx until he came out). I do hope he’s in a good mental space and is able to move forward with this information being out with people that love him.

    This reminds me of how people did Isisah Rashad after he was outed and how it feels like his rising star was thwarted by him being exposed in such a way. I think we forget that just because we are out and proud doesn’t mean everybody else is able to do that same thing or be that. Again I do appreciate him taking this in stride but hopefully he’s in a good space with himself and the people around him.

  3. Outing others can be fatal. These poot butted punks are foul. Hope none of those Annie Wilkes/Misery Chastain type fans don’t try to step in on his behalf and hurt the person doing the outing.

    1. I will never understand why folks do stuff like that. They will reap what they sow for doing that.
      Maybe the individual was jealous he didn’t pay attention to them, or he hit it and ghosted them?
      Or perhaps they’re just evil like that?!

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