larsa pippen teaches us how too much sex doesn’t mean nada in a relationship

i’ve noticed people in relationships/marriages flex about the weirdest shit.
when the relationship ends after all the flexing,
you gotta ask:

“It was so perfect so what happened?”

larsa pippen,
the ex of scottie pippen,
has got michael jordan’s son in her tentacles.
she went on wwhl and andy asked her about her past marriage to scottie.
she gon say

The 43-year-old gave viewers an insight into her and her ex-husband Scottie Pippen’s past relationship’s intimate moments. Saying, “[I] always had sex four times a night. I had sex four times a night every night. I never had a day off for 23 years.” Host Andy Cohen and cast mates were in shock. “Marcus has really big shoes to fill,” Cohen jokingly commented.

she had sex 4 times a night,
and they had 4 kids together,
but they are divorced now.
she put in all that pussy work for what exactly?
you’d think with all this sex,
he would be a happy husband and they’d last a lifetime.

My foxy senses think she was insecure and thought by fuckin’ his brains out so much,
he wouldn’t cheat on her or leave.

and knowing some males nowadays:

just cause a male is fuckin you,
even if its in default stroke or it’s bomb af,
that doesn’t mean he ain’t cheating or not on the low.

gay males will fuck you well but cheat or want to open the relationship.
God forbid the relationship goes past the “boredom” stage.

this is why when you see all this flexing,
it usually is hiding something bts.
wasn’t her bestie,
always flexing with kanye?
he was always talking about how he was fuckin’ kim all the time.
they can’t stand each other now.
another side is:

Even if the couple is keeping their relationship private,
you’ll hear the real story when the relationship ends.

i know these types and their private drama is usually juicy.

flexing is usually a sign of insecurity.
start there and you’ll see the bigger picture.

lowkey: 10 minutes of passion with someone you love sounds good…

i might even be good with 5 minutes and cuddling tbh.

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Author: jamari fox

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2 thoughts on “larsa pippen teaches us how too much sex doesn’t mean nada in a relationship”

  1. Larsa Pippen reminds me of one of those old school rubber sex dolls that you ordered using a cut out mail in form from a 1970’s Penthouse magazine. Nobody wanted ANYBODY to know they owned one. She drips sleaze like, looks sleazy and is embarrassing.
    Scottie Pippen has a real real real big old 🍆. According to locker room lore, Michael Jordan was EXTREMELY jealous of that fact. I think she was a vacuous empty minded hole in the wall, with no intelligence or depth. Sex alone didn’t or won’t keep these transitory relationships in place.

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