nene leakes wants you to watch what’s happening live with queens and racism

the rona has really allowed many people to get in touch with themselves.
some are seeing what’s really important in their lives.
as you know,
i don’t watch reality tv anymore.
i do know that nene leakes has officially left rhoa tho.
isn’t like the fourth time?
she has been “friend” to “i’m back!” on a few occasions.

aunt wendy went on “wwhl” with andy cohen

and nene flipped her shit on twitter…

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“Whitney Houston Was A Lesbian,” Regurgitated By A Friend

i wonder if the narrative will change for whitney?
because for ( x luther )…

i guess everyone goes on “watch what happens live” to get messy.
rosie o’donnell,
who was cool with whitney,
outed a “well know secret” about the late singer.
she says whitney was an alleged lesbian and actually knew her girlfriend.
a vix-bi sent me what she told andy…
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Well Aunt Patti Allegedly Pulled Luther Out The Grave and The Closet Too

i wanted to font about the following as soon as i heard about it.
“friends” gotta stop pulling those out the closet so disrespectfully.
i don’t care how much others “know” either.
let that individual tell their story when they’re ready.
this all goes to one of the greatest vocalists of our time,
luther vandross.
luther never came out the closet during his time on earth,
but patti labelle allegedly confirmed it on “watch what happens live”.
aunt patti with the mouth.
peep how andy cohen got her…
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Kenya Moore. “Gone With The Wind Fabulous”. The Song?

kenya moore is going to be a star.
she made sure that was in her contract.
she is now a harmonic talker.
like all the housewives,
she made a song with her famous catchphrase.
she performed her new smash hit “gone with the wind fabulous” on andy cohen...

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Tyson Beckford Is Having Great Sex… Without Us.

While Australian girlfriend Shanina Shaik was backstage getting ready for her angel debut at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night, Tyson Beckford was on the red carpet, giving VH1 News intimate details on their sex life that we couldn’t make up if we tried.

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“She was so stressed up until this point,” Tyson, 40, said of his 21-year-old girlfriend. “I made her work out and I’ve been withholding love for a while,” he explained of how he’s helped her relieve her stress. Hmm, interesting method.

“We gonna get into trouble tonight,” he added with a grin. And then, went on to describe how much “trouble” they’ve gotten into in the past. “We’ve been known to be in the garage, in the kitchen, in the washroom. It don’t matter.”

The garage? OK, now he has our attention.

“On the motorcycle,” Tyson said. “The motorcycle was on the stand. One hot night we came back from the club, it was like 85 degrees out, you know how it is. She was on the bike, I was standing up.”
Oh my. Is it 85 degrees in here?

“We do also have a Victoria’s Secret maid outfit, so she cleans up,” he went on, insisting that this part was Shanina’s idea. “She goes to the store and brings it back. Big fan of stockings. Not necessarily fishnets, the really nice hosiery, the garter belts.”

Well, then. We’ll all just continue to hold that one in our minds for a while. Oh, and Tyson did also say he plans to return to modeling, after more than 10 years away from the scene, because there are “no brothers in the magazines.” We can’t wait.


Sounds hot…
but this was hotter…

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