would you let andy cohen work on your nipples to get you in the mood?

andy cohen seems to like nipples.
i’m taking a hunch based on the following.
everyone has a spot they’ll touch to let you know they want to smash.
 he was at a ny pride party and being a dj on someone’s nipples

you gotta be careful out here.
someone will have that phone secretly recording you.
andy cohen has always had a thing for black males tbh.
ya’ll remember when he was exposed by bethanny on his own show?
he was allegedly got ex-baller wolf,
mychal kendricks,


he had him on the show again after that.
i’m not fonting they messed around but hell…

If I had a show and Mychal Kendricks was on there,
I’d get his number too.

i wonder if in this situation with a white male

Is it okay to mess with him because he is rich?

….or is still no bueno?
in my head,
this is 3 scenarios:

1 – You mess with Andy Cohen,
turn him out,
and he has you on call/possibly dates you.

2 – You mess with Andy Cohen and it’s a one-night thing.
Don’t get attached because “what happens at Pride stays at Pride”

3 – Andy has been messing with that dude for a minute.
Judging from the body language,
Andy is read to smash and is doing the pre-warm-up.

whatever the situation is/was,
sex was had while probably asking for housewives bts tea.

5 thoughts on “would you let andy cohen work on your nipples to get you in the mood?

  1. The discourse surrounding this on Twitter was ridiculous lol If a White man prefers to date Black, he’s fetishizing us. If he prefers his own, he’s racist. You can’t win with Think Piece Twitter

  2. Yes please.. Andy is cute to me and seems like he would be fun.

    Mychal Kendricks is one of my crushes.[ In my head I would love for him to be into men ] But honestly I dont know. I ‘m really bad at assuming all men are can be had . I know lots of straight guys who are ” Gay ” friendly but are straight!!

    Just like I was born attracted to men, there are men who are attracted to women only.

    I don’t think that….. “every man can be had ” …. Hypothesis is valid.

  3. Honestly I would he’s not ugly and he seems like he’d be an interesting experience sexually. I don’t see why people are making a big deal out of Andy being freaky at an event with other gay men just seems like something you should expect tbh.

    But yeah I’d hook up with him if the option was given to me.

  4. Why tf would it be “no bueno”? Y’all are really getting weird about the whole racial dating thing smh

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