“Whitney Houston Was A Lesbian,” Regurgitated By A Friend

i wonder if the narrative will change for whitney?
because for ( x luther )…

i guess everyone goes on “watch what happens live” to get messy.
rosie o’donnell,
who was cool with whitney,
outed a “well know secret” about the late singer.
she says whitney was an alleged lesbian and actually knew her girlfriend.
a vix-bi sent me what she told andy…

rose couldn’t even WAIT.
she was like:


i mean,
this was something that was rumored,
but good to know we got the full confession from a “friend”.
according to some,
since she is dead,
it’s okay to uproot her secrets.

i’ve heard the rumors about whitney,
but as most,
they were never confirmed.
it was like her alleged drug use.
a lot of barking between forests,
but we didn’t want to believe it since she was a star.
she may have been closeted due to her religious background like luther.
my question is…

Wouldn’t she be bi tho?

there was a whole bobby brown/dickmatization in her story.
i’m still not for “friends” doing all this talking,
but i guess it’s okay since it the person isn’t alive to defend themselves.

lowkey: the infamous robin was very loyal.
she never ran to give an interview about whitney during and after.
i don’t even know what she looks like.
she needs to keep it that way.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

19 thoughts on ““Whitney Houston Was A Lesbian,” Regurgitated By A Friend”

  1. It amazes me how everyone is supposedly someones friend or in the know about someone people idolize after their death. Rosie, why didn’t you say this while Whitney was alive? I am on the fence about these types of stories that portray Whitney, Malcom, and Martin and being part of the LGBTQ family. We don’t know if this never happened, Whitney was experimenting, or her lack of education made her easy to be manipulated or lesbian for drugs (similar to gay for pay). Rosie seems to just be a loud mouth opportunist and also I get rape vibes from her.

    1. ^i know i’d be dead and all,
      but i’d hate to know my “friend” was up on tv like…


      you couldn’t wait until i kicked the bucket to start blabbing lol

      1. A walking contradiction and was Rosie on vacation with Whitney and at family cookouts? -_-
        These people kill me with these type of stories, if Whitney did not come out to confirm that she was bisexual or lesbian or any immediate family then I assume that she is a straight woman. When does it stop, because everyone is not part of the LGBTQ family, although we would be more than willing to welcome them. (*wink, *wink, Beyonce and Jeramie Hollins)

        1. ^sometimes,
          we can identify as “straight” and have a moment with someone who is gay/bi.
          i see it happening with vixens,
          they’ll have a full relationship with another vixen and go back to males.

  2. So nobody going to cuss Andy demonic meth look ass out. Why is he always asking them if their friends are gay and he shove it in sneaky like. Didn’t you get offend when they call Darren from married to medicine gay. Rosie I swear I never like her dyke ass 🙄🙄

  3. Robin is beautiful. She was her maid of honor. I am 100% in favor of people—especially public figures— being outed. The more people identified, the better for everyone. I also don’t believe in keeping open secrets like drug addiction—a common illness or sexual harassment—apparently a common pastime. Let the light and the fresh air in.

  4. Jamari Fox and others if you all get a chance please watch the (Whitney: Can I be me). I believe it was on HBO or Sho-time not really sure which station and you may be able to youtube it. In the movie Robin was her best friend, but Bobby didn’t like her because he thought her Whitney was messing around that’s why Bobby and Robin didn’t get along and she eventually parted ways from Whitney,but if you watch the movie you’ll think they were involved sexually if you all get a chance look up the movie Whitney: Can I be me

    1. Thank you for mentioning this. As i was reading the comments prior to yours i was thinking “who doubts that Whitney was anything other than AT LEAST bisexual?” “Didnt they see Can I Be Me?” Yes, there are things that can be said about how this information is told but i feel like we just add Whitney and Luther to the family and keep moving…sometimes we might not ever hear it from the horse’s mouth (for any number of reasons from personal emotional distress to the millions of dollars at stake if a career goes south.

      1. I am not even mad at Rosie for this because of the exact reason you states above. In all honesty if Whitney could have just been herself and been with Robin the women she was allegedly in love with she would have probably been alot happier. Hell Robin was her assistant and kept stuff running the way it was supposed to be running and kept her on track. The effects were seen soon after she left. She even had to tell her family she was an addict. Robin really cared not to say Bobby didn’t he just cared more about the limelight and Whitney needed that Image and probably wanted children as well. It’s a twisted life some people lead sometimes, but what you gonna do? You know with folks putting people’s business out there so much these days it may be smart to “Keep Your Secrets to yourself!!”. I know at times you need to confid in someone sometimes but the way people tell people business people may need to talk to themselves.

  5. Listen I get why folks are upset about all of this coming out now especially like you all said when the person isn’t here to defend themselves but sadly it’s been a whole two millenniums and black and gays are still on the outs with everyone around the world. We need ppl to realize that a lot of folks are gay and you just don’t know because they’re hiding from homophobes who are going to tear them down for being themselves. My mother who is Jamaican actually threw away her Michael Jackson cd’s when she heard he may have been gay. We need more awareness. People should know that the ones YOU LOVE may be suffering quietly because they’re too afraid of what YOU all(hetero’s) might have to say. Whitney, Michael, and Luther all icons were suffering silently all the while soothing the ears of the same people that would turn on them in a second just because of who they are and who they love. It ain’t right and honestly I hope we start hearing more about closeted celebs. We need a light and I ain’t depending on them but with them having the platform they have a change could be made…actually let me correct that! A change needs to be made. If you are closeted or were closeted you know it hurts especially when your loved ones wouldn’t be okay with who you are. Thank you Rosie, and Thank you Pattie if you ask me.

  6. The problem with all this is the person is DEAD and doesn’t have the chance to identify as they choose!

    For all we know, IF Robin had a romantic or sexual relationship with Whitney it could’ve meant way more to Robin than to Whitney.

    Then when you add Whitney’s well known drug habit to the equation….

    I just want to know why the LGBTQ community is so pressed to recruit dead people that never identified as gay/bi when they were alive? I think they think it gives them some collective sense of relevance. Then they project their own struggles on these people like they knew them. Its weird and they need to get a live their own lives and let dead people rest in peace.

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