if you can, don’t let being emo make you miss an important call

my friends always come through for me.
i’m super emotionally connected to those in my life.

Sometimes to those who aren’t in my life any longer too.

i’ve been going through it tbh.
this is not my season.
things are rough right now and trying to keep my head above water.
i was in deep thought while eating chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.
one of my favorite twitch streamers was venting over his mother’s cancer.
it made me feel like i’m not the only one dealing with nonsense.
as i was into this whole thing,
my phone rang and i saw it was diva.
i let it ring because i didn’t feel like talking.
she called right after and i figured it must be really important…

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“my daughter might be a lesbian”

some parents aren’t prepared to handle the tough situations involving their kids.
it drives me crazy when i see people think kids are for entertainment purposes and social media flexing.

“OMG Timmy!
Go put on that little costume and do that little dance for the neighbors!
You know the one I make you do because you’re my little circus animal!”

having kids is more than that.
it’s a huge responsibility that many aren’t ready for and honestly shouldn’t have.
they be cute until they start rebelling on that ass.

i got a call early from a friend who was dealing with an issue with their kid.
she wanted advice because her daughter was searching porn on her youtube account

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foxmail: i had a threesome with my friend and his man, they want more, but i’m good! HALP!


Hey J,
Is FoxMail still a thing???
Well, hopefully, it is… But first off, let me say Happy New Year. May this year hold everything you want and grant all that you need.
Secondly, thank you for you. I’ve legit grown up with the foxhole.
Ok, the T: I had a threesome with one of my friends and his boyfriend a few weeks ago.
I’m 32 but it was also my first time ever doing anything beyond kissing. Period. They knew this and I felt I was ready. And. It. Was. Fucking. Amazing. I was ready to not be a virgin and quite honestly, the pandemic had been a doing a number on me. I hadn’t so much as danced with anyone since February and thought at least this way I could be with someone I knew and trusted. However, I am not interested in being a throuple or in a regular ménage a trios situation. It was one (well, two) and done for me and now my friend (also 32) and his BF (a young ass 45) are trying to make this a thing and will not let it go. I’m honestly not interested and just wanna be a freak with MY boyfriend whenever I get one.
I just want my friend back sans any sex.

Did I mess up royally by blurring these lines?


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my homeboy is struggling with his health ever since he caught the rona

i’m a believer.
you never truly care about something until it affects someone close to you.
one of my home-wolves ended up catching the rona.
i think i fonted about this before.
he ended up getting it through his wife,
who got hers by attending a halloween event with her trump supporting family.
he lives in atlanta and has been going through it since he got it…

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when the people you fall out with match your new energy

i’ve learned that if you just detach and move on,
you’ll find your answers eventually.
i had a dream that i had a convo with a friend i fell out with recently.
we haven’t spoken since summer.
i told them in the dream how much they hurt me by what they did.
i woke up and went about my day.
why that night…

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something wicked is happening next door

you never know what other folks are really going through next door.
by next to you,
i mean the people we are close with.
we often act self absorbed like:

“Why aren’t they reaching out to me?”
“Why are they ignoring my calls/texts?”

don’t get me wrong,
some folks are out here moving real funny.
be having some real shit going on.
a friend of mine taught me this yesterday…

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