your friend can be good to you and be a complete d!ck to someone else

when we are friends with someone,
we always see the “good” in them.
we ignore the truth because we want to show loyalty.
when they get caught up in some bs,
we don’t want to believe it because they are our friends.
we think about how good they were to US.
we don’t want to imagine one of our friends could be a monster.
two things can be true at the same time.

Someone can be a friend to us
Someone can be a monster to someone else

i’ve noticed it with some gay males over the years

They’ll ride hard for a female rapper or a sex worker they think is hot.

someone comes out with an accusation and they’ll go into attack mode.
it’s worse when facts are brought up and they’re still on the defense.
they’re doing all this free work while rapper/sex worker is big chillin’.
i’ll be damned if i’m defending a stranger and they don’t pay my ass.

We have to realize that the people we like can be the villain in someone else’s story.

that goes for you and even me.
there are people i’m sure i have hurt,
maybe purposely or not.

this is why ashton kutcher and mila kunis look like idiots today.
their friend,
danny masterson,
was convicted of rape and they wrote letters to get him released.
( x see letters here )
they acknowledged his crime but…

“Let’s talk about how great of a friend he was to me!”

by siding with that hyena,
it brought to the surface their own contridctions over the years.
so they fell on a grenade for a friend who is already blown up.

topher grace,
who was allegedly treated horribly by them on that 70s show,
laughs in retribution.

learn from their mistake.
get all the facts and remember:

Two things can be true at the same time.

lowkey: you know what i love?

When someone chooses another who hurts me and end up getting embarrassed.
They spend the rest of their days hiding from me because I can see the egg on their faces.

we gotta font about “the jackal ate my face” syndrome.