your friend can be good to you and be a complete d!ck to someone else

when we are friends with someone,
we always see the “good” in them.
we ignore the truth because we want to show loyalty.
when they get caught up in some bs,
we don’t want to believe it because they are our friends.
we think about how good they were to US.
we don’t want to imagine one of our friends could be a monster.
two things can be true at the same time.

Someone can be a friend to us
Someone can be a monster to someone else

i’ve noticed it with some gay males over the years

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the demon jackal who would benefit off me when i died

a few minutes ago,
i spoke with the company about my mother’s life insurance policy.
i get letters that there are only 100 dollars in there.
right now,
i’m going through a serious struggle and need to pay off some bills.
it won’t be enough but at least it will pay off one important bill.
so i called to withdraw and close the account.
they asked me a ton of questions to confirm my identity.
when it came to confirm who i have listed as my beneficiary,
i named my sister because (at the time) that was obvious.

that isn’t it.”

so i’m like wtf?
i go down a list of names in my family and nothing.
i found out who would get the money in there if i passed…

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the biggest conspiracy theorist of all has to pay for his words (alex jones)

i’ve heard interesting things from conspiracy theorists i know.
i was told if i got vaccinated,
i’ll die because the government wanted to kill us all.

“Who is paying these taxes if we all die?”

princess diana was killed cause she saw the royal family turn into lizards.
of course,
they have all sided with kanye.
i was told he was right that slavery was a choice.
when it came to the sandy hook elementary massacre in 2012,
i was told it never happened.
the wildest i was told?

“Kyle Rittenhouse is actually a paid actor.
He was one of the actors used in Sandy Hook.”

they “discovered” his alleged picture was used as one of the victims.
for the record:

I never believed or thought of any of that to be true.

alex jones,
a conspiracy theorist who said similar about the sandy hook massacre,
lost his trial from being sued by the parents of the kids involved.
the amount of money that he has to pay tho…

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The following is rated Reading-MA
Adult content, Sexual Situations

i’m gonna font a controversial statement:

There are unchecked mental illnesses being applauded by the GP.

it’s under the guise of “sex positivity” but it’s really no home training.
it’s really nutty muthafuckas who didn’t get enough attention.
so jackal gave head at a target,
gets dumped on,
and decided to walk around with nut on his face like it’s a badge of honor…


the one character and i are always going at it

i’m always getting into it with this kind of irl character.
i usually get along well with most folks,
but there is always this one type that i often bump heads with.
the smell of their bullshit wafts around them that it’s often hard to ignore.
not only do i bump heads with them,
but i’m attacked and shunned by their closest dick suckers.
usually sucking one dick for clout,
the bag,
or cause they “cute”.
that is…
their types are

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he stalked him and outed me (a double whammy)

after that joel green story yesterday,
i never realized just how deep stalking actually went for some.
i’ve snooped around on a few social media profiles in my past.
i’ve gathered intel that ultimately turned me off from the wolf of my desires.
you’ll be amazed just how corny or obnoxious some of our fantasies actually are.
years ago,
i knew a jackal who actually low-key outed me at a party that was a super stalker.
i may have mentioned him on the foxhole before…

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