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i’m gonna font a controversial statement:

There are unchecked mental illnesses being applauded by the GP.

it’s under the guise of “sex positivity” but it’s really no home training.
it’s really nutty muthafuckas who didn’t get enough attention.
so jackal gave head at a target,
gets dumped on,
and decided to walk around with nut on his face like it’s a badge of honor…

as much as we can blame him for being so bold,
i think we need to turn the mirror on ourselves.

Some of us created these little over-sexed monsters.

some of ya’ll make “stars” out of these common folks.
ya’ll let a few fuck in public for onlyfans and the followers followed.

What was supposed to be accomplished with this?

did he want people to walk up to him and ask what’s on his face?
was he trying to achieve clear skin with this nut mask?
people are weird yo.
i think this mofo looks ridiculous and he should be ashamed of himself.
this shit isn’t even sexy.
what is sexy about this?
ya’ll keep this shit up in public and let these police see it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I think it’s disgusting & something about it seems so intentionally malicious to me, malicious to the people around that risk being exposed to that! If you want to be slutted, gutted, & nutted, fine! But don’t bring that shit around people that are just trying to shop at target!

  2. You know I did dump on him for how wrong that was especially in spaces where children are but you are right clout & a rise in fame/popularity has created the monster that is people pushing the envelope. So yeah we are more likely going to see more of it

    (SN: the reach that this video made is definitely going far so im sure he’ll be fine)

  3. That’s durden he been doing wild shit

    I couldn’t be a hoe I’m sorry I assume everyone has an incurable std

    It’s just very weird for lack of better words to literally meet someone on an app who this is their MO, fucking 3-4 ppl a week (most get tested every 3 mos bc you can have dormant symptoms for at least that long) so in the meantime you subject yourself to God knows what to fuck raw to play Russian roulette for the rush of it or to make onlyfans content

    Why? It’s not even from a place of judgment it’s from a place of logic

    Does that make any sense ? And you’re on prep let’s say ok so herpes, hepatitis, clap, gonorrhea etc .

    Just to be popular when u young? We have a whole 50 some odd years of life past 30 do gays know we won’t be 27 forever ?

    Put that same effort into getting a degree or a career cuz these girls are struggling

  4. He is a ‘ NASTY AZZ RAT” !!!!!

    Go fight in the Ukraine !!!!!! As a human Shield!!!! ( Did I say that???)

    Just Soooooooooooooo Revolting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I was a straight up hoe in my 20s. In some instances, promiscuity is born out of neediness for affection and not so much penetration of ass or mouth. I had orgasms but I was enslaved by porn and incessant trade hunting. That 💩was bondage. I recall being in a alley in San Francisco Mission District; getting drilled, not knowing a audience from the club had followed me and were watching. This was all pre internet, pre- cellular phone days in the early 90s. With age, wisdom comes or should.
    The thirstiness for attention is shocking to me. I am a Cancer and basically unshockable. Being a former San Franciscan voyeur, I saw and witnessed so many sexual scenario’s. However the millennium children take the whole damn cake.
    When your goals are getting 40 dumps a week in your guts, it’s imperative to get some mental health counseling.☺️☹️😢

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