i’m not the popular one.
i’m not the onlyfans star.
i’m not the muscled-down fantasy for the gays hopes takes dick.
i’m not the one who gets his dick sucked.
by that,
i mean i’m not the one that people promote shamelessly.
i’m often ignored and wonder if i’m enough.
i’m not the one who people think of first for invites or vip spots.
it would fuck with me real heavy.
i thought about it like this

I’ve always been the low-key one.
I’ve always been the dangerous one.
I’ve always been the sneaky one.
I’ve always been the infamous one.
I’ve always been the slow-burn one.

some of your favs were just like me and even you.
you think people supported them when they were coming up?
you think folks called themselves “barbz” and “hotties” when they were regulars?
you think they were getting their dick’s sucked so easily?
some of ya’ll clowned them for trying to chase a dream.
some of ya’ll ignore them in favor of others.
once they popped

Some of ya’ll shove that dick so far down your throat that they couldn’t ignore it.

thats a metaphor if you haven’t caught it yet.
it’s simply this:

Focus on you until the focus is on you.

design those clothes,
write those essays,
build that brand,
and work on your dreams.

Stop looking at people who have made it.
Stop looking at the dick suckers who are promoting for a cum-up.
Stop looking at people who came up off luck and a viral moment.

if people aren’t paying attention to you,
thats perfectly fine.
they will when you pop and then all rules are out the window.
the straightest of males will put your dick deep down his throat.
another metaphor and sometimes a legit reality.

Straight males get on their knees and suck dick every day for a cum up b.

i’m not the popular one… yet.
i’m not the one who gets his dick sucked… yet.
it’s not my time and it’s not yours… yet.
we will know when it’s time to unzip our pants.
it won’t be hard to tell.

12 thoughts on “I’M NOT THE ONE WHO GETS HIS D*CK SUCKED (yet)

  1. i also believe some gay males,
    and even most people,
    are attracted to the trauma they faced as kids/teens.
    some of our attraction started from how our parents treated us.
    if it wasn’t them,
    the kids were wanted to be friends with or liked.

    some gay males are attracted to the hurt they faced growing up.
    many of us have trauma pasts and it wasn’t checked or healed.
    so it’s easy to go to the gym and get buff because thats what other males did to get pussy.
    all this leads to is being objectified for our bodies and ultimately the many human blow up folls we see today.
    i’m not seeing any marriages or long lasting relationships so something ain’t working.
    all i’m seeing from straights and gays are fuckin and honeymoon phases.

  2. He said above Men don’t like feelings and emotions and crybabies that’s a lie. Fem guys pull the baddest Men. And while DL and other gay men are trying to conform to dumb heteronormative ideals folks are out here living. Jamari this post is everything. In other words STAY Focused and also confidence is sexy. I’m not fit I’m fat with a nice face, educated, independent and have pulled them with no problem. Stroke a Man’s dick you have him for a day. But stroke his Mind and get into his head and you got him for a lifetime. This post is confirmation to just stay focused on the things of sustenance that matter. Aim to leave a legacy not to follow trends. Have of these muscle bound Twitter porn guys don’t have anything but a reputation 🤷‍♂️

    1. ^word.

      i’ve had more dl males into me because i wasn’t like their boys/fathers/male figures.
      they were attracted to my looks,
      my style,
      my strength,
      my weaknesses,
      and my emotions.
      i was able to get all of them comfortable and show me their real sides.
      not only that,
      i cheered on their dreams and made them want to do better.
      keyword: actually listened to them.

      the issue is that i wasn’t strong enough to handle it correctly.

  3. Men don’t like cry babies or namby pamby men, sorry Cancers. Soon as you start talking about feelings, trade is turned off. All men, yes gay men, are emotionally unintelligent to a large degree. Very hard for water sign men to digest unless they have a lot of air placements in their natal chart, if you’re swimming in agua… You have my sympathies.

    Another thing gay men need to realize is that you will never get trade or the man you want being thirsty. A man doesn’t want someone who seems like they have low-self esteem unless he’s toxic and looking for a whipping post. Women can get away with being emotional and needy because they are expected to be and men get off on hurting women. I see so many gay men under the comments of dudes on IG and Twitter leaving the most thirstiest, insecure comments: “Like me, please be gay!”, “Omg, please be my boyfriend.” It’s like what do you have of value to offer him? Everybody wants him! Do you think your pleas of love are any different? I bet you that girl he is dming he perused her and she wasn’t standing on line desperately pining. Nah, she had something he wanted. Some of y’all need to pull a glow up like Miss rice and cabbage. He understood the assignment. This a shallow world. You better get a gym membership, a better barber, a better wardrobe, create a persona, get some money. Play the game. If that doesn’t work, maybe you should become trans… I say fuck ‘em where is the green?

    1. ^interesting you said that because all the males who were into me liked that i was more intune with my feelings.
      i think the issue is they were using me as an energy source for narcs who need a supply.
      i was someone they could depend on and they were all the wrong males.
      i can’t speak for anyone else but that was never my issue with males and females.

      my issue was i was too fuckin “nice” to those who didn’t deserve that.
      not to mention a pick me to males who didn’t pick me in the end.
      everyone has a different story or path that works or doesn’t work.
      therapy has made me a different breed now.
      i’m not even looking or interested in males,
      which has made more people interested in me.
      i had a shit ton of attachment issues due to trauma from my past.
      a dude better hope that i’m interested in him.
      i’ll save the more emotional side for my therapist and the foxhole LMAO

    2. I think it depends on the person
      I’m going to try to say this in a succinct way
      Men who are DL like men who are either extremely discrete and dl also OR men who will take care of them that they can use or manipulate

      They start by testing you. I’ve been approached by someone who flat out asked me for head in a Washington heights train station at 3 am . When he saw my demeanor get confrontational (cuz what?) he backed off

      Had I obliged he would’ve been my little Dominican trade piece.

      Onlyfans has made it so the people who are naked the most get the most attention. Even guys who swore they wouldn’t get naked are reducing themselves to that because they feel if they can’t beat ‘em join em.

      But ask yourself — is this going to last? Dozens who got naked in 2020 already have fallen off and a new tribe has emerged. I never wanted to play the short game. If I wanted to fuck I could get on grindr or jackd rn. I want a partner. And I’m not cheating myself out of what I deserve to get a quick look from a nothing ass nigga that probably will want an open relationship by the summer, anyway .

      Staying single, disease free and third eye open to the bullshit>>> being on bad boys club or OF and getting jumped in ATL on the weekend Just to have 500 unread texts but no money$ . IT’S YOUR CHOICE.

      1. ^ i love what you said about keeping your third eye open.
        i’m def learning that now.
        i can honestly tell you how i view males is so different these days.
        it feels like i emerged from a well lol

    3. It depends on the man–not every man is like that. However there are many that are what you describe and those are the ones who end up old, alone, and in nursing homes with no visitors ever but the undertaker. The ones who actually acknowledge human emotions eventually end up with more satisfying lives with people who give a isht about them. So you can keep all that “hard” “men don’t cry” bullshit…I rather show emotion and live in my truth than live a synthetic, toxic lie.

    4. Tell me Jamari curved you without telling me Jamari curved you.

      Cancers are emotional Aries. Dominant, but not heartless. They like it their way and will manipulate until it is.

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