i remember the first time i ever ate mcdonald’s.
it was when my mother brought me to disney world as a kid.
when i got my first happy meal toy,
i was so fascinated.

Drink AND A TOY?!

it felt like i was being rewarded for eating.
over the years,
i’ve felt like mcdonald’s has changed.

Maybe I have changed?

i can’t eat mcdonald’s nowadays without my stomach being violated.
last time i ate mickey dees,
which was many years ago,
i was shitting my brains out in the old navy bathroom on 34th street.
when i go on a road trip,
i’m gotta find a new spot to eat since fast food is all down the highways.
i went down the rabbit hole of watching videos from food insider yesterday.
they were comparing fast food in other countries vs here in the US…

ive spoken to others who say fast food tastes different in other countries.
they say they feel like real animals are used to make food.
i always said to myself…

I know there ain’t that much chickens and cows to feed the entire US

…plus it’s called “fast food” for a reason.

these days,
i’ll indulge in a popeyes chicken sandwich once or twice a year.
i like eating my own food.
i’ve stopped eating past 8 pm as well.
judging from these videos,
there is a whole lotta shit in whatever we eat from fast food.
the servings are also disrespectful for a healthy weight.

Ever since I got an air fryer,
I don’t even eat out as much.

i can cook a burger and fries within an hour.
no shade to those who still eat fast food tho.
i know too well that the power a big mac can have on you.

lowkey: i loved mcdonald’s fries,
but i became more of a wendys and bk stan.
a regular chicken sandwich and onion rings were my go-to situation from bk.
good times.


  1. I don’t eat fast food but I understand that some people are on a time crunch and some people are on a budget. The reason why I don’t eat it is because I know a few people who work in the fast food industry with the worst hygiene and they’re making your food.

  2. I ordered McDonald’s on door dash
    I don’t really eat beef and pork since 2014 but I have periods when I crave it or I may eat it accidentally if I’m at a party or something

    Anyway the quarter pounder with cheese bun was noticeably moist.. as I’m eating I start to notice it’s not the grease and bbq

    The sandwich is damn near drippy with blood

    I was done after that I haven’t had a burger since

  3. Watch the documentary Food Inc and read the book Fast Food Nation and you will never eat fast and processed foods again.

    1. Thanks for the recommendations I’ll check them both out at some point. As for McDonald’s, I can’t remember what it was like when I had food from there in the past, but it never fills me up these days. It always feels like I’ve had nothing to eat when I have actually eaten. In contrast to this, I’m always full up when I’ve had food from my local takeaway shop.

  4. There’s a reason 19 year olds look 35. There aren’t that many cows and chickens. It’s called growth hormones to make them bigger and get more meat. And we eat it…and ingest those same hormones.

    Not only is life faster than when we were kids, kids are hormonally growing too fast.

  5. I’ll tell u what’s in it…CANCER. Processed foods are what’s killing us and nobody can tell me otherwise. I’m steadily turning to become a vegan.

  6. McDonald’s has def changed. It used to be the place we begged our parents to have our birthday parties. Now it’s a living room for homeless and wayward people.

  7. I think it’s all the preservatives n additives they put in the food.. I eat Mc Donalds rarely, n if I do it’s only the Fish Sandwich..I don’t eat Pork or redhead so….

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