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Nudity, Sexual Situations, Adult Content

he may have a nice-sized penis from a review standpoint.
the girth looks crazy…
i have to often wonder

Do these males know when they’re being filmed in these DL sex acts?

…because i can’t imagine being this sloppy.
pastor/teacher from new yawk,
married with kids,
getting the gawk gawk 2000 from another male.
pastor dwayne dawkins is allegedly that male in this viral video…

i hope that isn’t one of his (former) students.
it looks like he didn’t know it was happening…

…or did he?

i feel like some folks secretly want to get caught.
they don’t care and let their walls down.
it’s a freedom they have wanted for a long time.
you gotta understand with some:

Keeping up the lie is the hardest

the dating the opposite sex,
the marriage,
the kids,
the united front,
the “i’m straight” act,
the performing for family/friends/co-workers,
the fear of what others make say or think…
once you are caught or decide to live your truth,
a weight is lifted off your shoulders.
the monkey on your back dies.
this is why when some folks start living their truth,
they go super hard in the first month or year.
i’m just speculating tho cause that might not be his issue.
i hope if it’s not,
he is fully prepared for all the blowback cumming his way.

lowkey: if i had a dollar for all the males i met in church,
who either wanted to fuck me or were fuckin other males on the low,
i’d be able to cop this:

( x versace )
…and still have money left over.


  1. Yall talking about Pastor, I want that bottom, cause I want that head game.

  2. My concern is that why do some queens feel that it’s a privilege to expose anyone. I don’t care if it’s a basketball, football, baseball, or who enjoy the person and be happy. Because once this done 10/ 10 the individual you exposed will move on!!

  3. Jamari, explain that shirt to me.

    Is it “the brand” because…you could literally stick those emblems on any black polo shirt.

  4. His wife is cute. His wife is good looking. I wonder what they will say. i WONDER WHAT THEY WILL DO. Who leaked / posted the XXX video. One article that I read indicates that Dwayne Dawkins himself posted the video. And an article indicates that the other guy in the video is an XXX rated Only Fans producer.


  5. Now, THIS is the type of man you pressed thirsties should be fiending over. And he is from NY. JESUS. Ain’t no way I would be recording our rendezvous for the world to see.

  6. I would push you onto the train tracks if I found out you spent 500$ on a shirt…ijs…

    I keep telling the ppl that sexuality is a spectrum. Society just doesn’t allow men the freedom to explore it.

    1. Well said “Sexuality is indeed a spectrum”.80% of People will engage in a same sex encounter with the right person at the right time.

  7. If I speak the meat was fantastic looking however the tape & stroke were subpar. He’s also a attractive guy so im very sure this coming out will open a lot of doors for sexual conquests.

    (Honestly I think he knew cause he mentioned in a sermon why would you be surprised somebody records you if you know they record this type of content & he’s right in a way)

  8. First of all hey Pastah Dawkins! ☺️
    Secondly a fine man like that with that pipe looking the way it was looking I’m getting what I want & keeping quiet about it. People just got to put everything out on the web.

  9. He got more than the gawk gawk in what I saw. Based on the full video? He had to know he was being recorded because it involved another angle. He was in the guts.

      1. Can you imagine getting family council from this dude…
        Was this like his ultimate goal to ruin 8 years of effort by releasing a sex tape.
        Even if the family knew have some class about it, I haven’t even heard of dude but I seen his Peen.

    1. That part, he definitely knew it was being recorded. It’s different angles to this and the light on the camera is on so he knew he was being recorded.

      Especially the angle where the camera was on the floor and he was in them guts. If he didn’t know he was being recorded, that was a damn good act.

  10. All I can say is no ash whatsoever on those knees. Well done. (Just like his mamma greased him down good for church on Sunday morning.)

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