don’t swallow because his sperm might have the rona

there is only one person i’d risk my social distancing for.

if this wolf i crush heavy on hit me and said he wanted to fuck me senseless,
i’d welcome him with open arms,
and mouth lickety-muthafuckin-split.
other than that,
i’m not even trying to deal with anyone new.
its no secret that folks are sneaking out to fuck during the rona.
well it seems the rona could be spread through sexual intercourse now.
this is what a foxholer sent me…

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Where The Nut Landed

*the following is parental advisory.
explicit nonsense is ahead.

attentionistos/nistas will do anything for a laugh these days.
social media will have you out here selling your soul for likes.
a foxholer sent me a wolf who decided to prank a friend.
this is what he did…
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Who Else Wanted To Give A “Daniel” Some Head Last Night?


daniel and that bawdy>>>
how turned on i was today at work>>>
yes i watched it at work on my phone on the low>>>
so issa is getting on my whole nerve on “insecure” now.
i don’t get her…
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foXXX: “You Want Me To ___ In That _____? Huh?”

WHOWANTSSOMEyesterday was a quiet day so i thought id treat everyone to a snack before bed.
not for nothing,
but this foxxx “getting smashed by a pretty boy” did it for me tho.
well the lack of a condom was a turn off,
but if the fox and wolf want to be stupid then go right ahead.
the wolf’s voice and the growling tho>>>>
i lost it.
nothing better than some d/l pipe to get you right?
safe of course.
the following is nsfw,
and “not for straight eyes”
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I Will Bust A Fat Stupid Nut All In The Name of Jesus!




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tumblr_mo6x8wWoU11rp9rj8o1_500meet your best friend.
she is also lesbian.
ya’ll have know each other for about 8 years now.
well she calls you tonight because she needs a big favor

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