Who Else Wanted To Give A “Daniel” Some Head Last Night?


daniel and that bawdy>>>
how turned on i was today at work>>>
yes i watched it at work on my phone on the low>>>
so issa is getting on my whole nerve on “insecure” now.
i don’t get her…

she was trying to have a “hoe” phase.
you know how mad i was she fucked it up with that great snow wolf?
lowkey tho,
i’ve been there.
i wanted to fuck the wolf SO BAAAAADDDDDD.
i wanted him,
but he was actually trying to get to know me.
i don’t know if my “moon” was in my “uranus” at the time,
but i was horny af and wanted to be fucked.
needless to say,
i think my thirst bucket behavior turned him off.
i get why someone would be mad at me like i was at issa.

now she on her “hoe” shit.
how she gonna get mad that daniel nutted in her face?

he told her he was cumming.
you got a limited amount of time to make a decision.
i would suck the soul out his dick for his bawdy alone.
the pretty vixen texted me the following this morning:

“some vixen feels disrespected if you nut in her face.
i don’t know how the gays feel…”

“some of us just swallow.”

it’s a different dynamic with gays/vixens when it comes to sex,
but when it comes to feelings,
we all make the same fucked up mistakes.
issa is fuckin’ it up.
being a true “hoe”,
when you not,
is not for folks like issa.
even myself.
when you get nut in your face,
you can’t cry and throw temper tantrums about it.
issa was out in the forest like:

daniel is into her,
but she is on some other shit this season.
she needs to pull it together.

lowkey: dro print under the towel tho>>>>


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Who Else Wanted To Give A “Daniel” Some Head Last Night?”

  1. You know his fine chocolate self have these vixens going crazy. He’s easily the hottest fella on there. 😍

  2. I didn’t understand why Issa got mad either , you made the move to give him head he didn’t ask you to.

    DANIEL !!!!!!
    1.) that swag
    2.) that body
    3.) that nut shot

    Love that scene where Dro was grinding in molly, that butt cheek clench was sexy.

    To be honest if I’m giving a guy head it’s either going on my face or in my mouth 🤷🏿‍♂️

    1. lmfao. i would prefer it to go somewhere, where I can contain it better. Save time on the clean up afterwards. lol

  3. Jamari, what kinda hoe shit is this and why am I still late to the party? I think I’m going to binge watch Seasons 1 & 2 around the holiday to avoid my annoying ass family lol.

    1. Um yes, Its called Insecure on HBO. And trust you will be addicted after the 2nd ep of season1. lol. I binged watched season 1, when DTV did a free promo weekend, right before season 2 started.

      In other news, I dont have Showtime, so gonna binge watch the current season of Ray Donovan around the holiday season for the same reason. lmfao!

  4. I find it very knowing that TV is showing stuff like this. I know things can get pretty racy but that stuff is something serious with nut shots on TV…(even if they are fake.) Lol.

    Personally, with us being dudes, why do you want to nut on someone’s face? I really think it’s something psychological to it..lol

  5. Ladies and gentlemen,

    Body fluids rich in HIV virus include blood, semen, mother’s milk and vaginal fluids. Pre-cum is less rich in HIV virus than cum. It is not recommended that you get cum in your mouth but if you do, the rule is “spit or swallow but don’t let it wallow”. I assume that the saliva in your mouth will wash it down your throat and to the stomach where the digestive fluids will kill the HIV virus–if you swallow.

    It is not recommended that you get cum in the eyes, open sores, the nose, etc. as that may allow the HIV virus immediate access to your blood system and therefore immediate HIV virus infection.

    The scene above where Issa got cum in her eyes is not a safe sex scene. It’s unsafe sex. There’s more to safe sex than wearing a condom!

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