How I Set Up My Own Day For Potential Ruin

today has been a strange day.
it started off gloomy af.
the forecast said rain was coming later in the day.
so what i did?…

listen to adele on the way in to work.

that “25” album threw my entire day off.
i’m not in a “sad place” at all.
i wanted to hear a track on the album,
but ended up listening to more than i should have.

She is officially banned from my “happy” place

during a break up is the next time i’ll listen to her.

so for lunch,
i decided to get chinese food.
i been fiending for it,
so i order a general tso and white rice.
i was full af after.
before i had to leave for the day,
my stomach started doing the “you know what time it is”,
i didn’t feel like using the bathroom,
but my foxy senses said the trains gonna be fucked up.
sure nuff…
we were stuck in the tunnel for damn near 15 minutes.
almost every stop.
my stomach started getting into formation with my intestines.
i got off at the next delayed stop and hopped my ass in uber.


in the uber,
i get a call from mi.

you think i could come back to live with you.”


straight up; no chaser.
no need in sugar coating.
why would i even want her back here?
i’m asking her questions and she catches an attitude,
that same attitude i can’t deal with,
and then she hangs up on me.


i guess she didn’t get an update on where i’m at in my life.
it’s like pineapples get some alert when you move on.
everyone wants to come back.
a one of the foxholers said in a past comment:

“The porch light is off”

they left; stay gone.
don’t crawl back either.
i’m strong enough to say goodbye.

today was a mess.
tomorrow will be better.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “How I Set Up My Own Day For Potential Ruin”

  1. Today actually sounds like a success to me! You were strong and took care of your needs! Thank god for Uber lol

    1. ^i love how you turned that around for the positive!
      yeah it may have been a good day after all.
      i made him so safely to no issues.
      thanks for catching me on that mik3!

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