He Got A Good Dragging Down The Street

there are some moments when you’re out in wild,
you see some random shit,
and you’re forced to ask yourself:

“Is this shit really happening right now?”

this is when you’re thankful for the camera on your phone.
well the following video was sent in by a foxholer.
it was some wolf getting dragged down the street,
but like,
forreal forreal…

i know he lost skin getting dragging like that.
in my head,
it was one of three things:

1 – someone was trying to steal his car
2 – he was caught cheating
3 – he’s a stunt double and they’re filming a movie

that could have ended really badly.
i guess he thought he was a superhero.
i’m curious to find out why this happened.
if any of the foxhole finds out,
please update us.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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