tumblr_mo6x8wWoU11rp9rj8o1_500meet your best friend.
she is also lesbian.
ya’ll have know each other for about 8 years now.
well she calls you tonight because she needs a big favor

Sample_Jars4she wants your baby batter.
your home made yogurt.
the special sauce in your nut sack.

she wants to get pregnant,
but doesn’t want to go through the trouble of adopting or sperm banks.
she will raise the baby as a single mother.
so will you be giving her your protein juice?
or will you have to pass?

cumdumpster7xqWHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

10 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (63)

  1. I would do it only if we entered a contract that would benefit us and the child.

  2. I would do it. Even though it would be pretty awkward. I would be wondering why she would want to have sex with me and not someone else though. I would also want to still be in the child’s life.

    P.S. I know the girl in the picture. She really is beautiful in person. She and her family doesn’t live that far from me.

  3. My condition would be I would be in the child’s life. Then I would proceed to tear dem walls down

  4. Y’all talking about hittin, but she might not let us since she just wants our sperm. She’ll send us off to do our thing and then she’ll collect it.

  5. I’d give her my beautiful babies. It only ends up on bed spreads and my stomach anyway.

  6. so wait…
    you folks would fuck your best friend?
    like really put ya’ll dick in her?
    in the straight world,
    they say a dude with a best female friend is:

    someone he fucked.
    someone he is trying to fuck.

    i could fuck new pussy,
    but i feel it’s crossing the line fuckin’ a best friend.
    that always leads down a awkward road where the friendship can end.

    1. Well since sex & child birth is put on such a pedestal,
      I can understand why you think that would be crossing the line.
      But at the same time, it’s better her getting it from you who she’s known for a long time
      Then some other guy who she knows nothing or little about

  7. I’m not sure
    My first thought was “hell yeah, tear it up like Anthony Mackie in She Hate Me. who are you to deny her?”
    But then I thought
    It would be pretty awkward.
    Giving a baby to your best friend but not being the father
    That child would probably have to grow up believing a lie
    Nah I couldn’t do it.

    However, if she promised to be straight up and honest with the child
    and tell them the truth
    Then yeah, I’d do it.

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