They Had To Dig In Ye Azz Cheeks Today

CZwXdtmWAAIy943sometimes when an animal ‘ack up,
you gotta remind them exactly who you are.
now i’m not saying go around and use things as blackmail.
i’m saying when someone who knows you wants to get buck,
or finds themselves trying to call you out over pettiness,
you gotta remind them of their secrets.
just a hint.
something tiny that will make them shut the entire fuck up.
well this is what happened today.
lets rewind,
shall we?
so kanye changed his album title from “swish” to “waves”.
if the album is anything like the last,
he should name it “POLF”.
wiz khalifia thought it was disrespect because max b,
a harlem rapper currently in prison,
started the “wave” movement out in harlem.
wiz tweeted this:

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.08.25 PM

who thought “kk” was a shot as “kim kardashain”,
went the FUCK off.
a foxholer sent me a collection of all the tweets…
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*this is actually based on a dream i had last night.
i literally just woke up to write about it before i forgot.

you won a contest where you had full backstage privileges at a concert.
so you are sitting there,
watching everything that happens backstage.
the artist speaks to you candidly,
gives you high fives after each set,
and really showing you they are as down to earth as they portray.
well while back there this vixen:


…kept interacting with said artist as you observed.
somehow you both end up talking.
she tells you she the new assistant to the artist.
she got hired a few weeks ago and loves it.
well it goes from talking to her flirting with you HEAVY.
she’s saying how good you look,
how you would make a good boyfriend to some lucky girl,
and making jokes about she will to sleep with you,
but you can tell by her stares and body language she is dead serious.
she is actually coming off really THIRSTY.
oh the artist she works for and concert you were at?…

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tumblr_m6janwjP681r1069oo1_500you been waiting and waiting.
the person to fix for your security system was supposed to be there an hour ago.
you don’t mind sitting in the crib because its a heatwave,
but damn,
you have things to do before a certain time.
they said they would be there at 10am and its now 3pm.
no bueno.
you finally see the van pull up to your crib.
he gets out…

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your phone keeps blowing up this morning.
but a ton of twitter mentions.
did you become a star overnight?
what happened?
you just fell asleep at your homeboy’s house.
well when you get on twitter to see whats going on:

“wow that is disrespectful.”
“i would kick his ass.”
“they probably some faggots.”

when you look,
you see you as the main feature in this picture…

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