austin dunham tells straights to get gay friends to get more pu$$y

as a gay male,
i know a lot of pretty vixens.
i naturally attract vixens to me and we become great friends.
i was just having a conversation with one of my pretty friends yesterday.
one of my straight friends wanted to be hooked up but i blocked that:

austin dunham,
was real sexy to me when he was silent.
i loved that one video where he was putting on a dress shirt.
he is a “men’s dating and self improvement” coach now.
he is telling straight males why they should have gay friends

so his reasoning is being friends with gays gets him access to pussy?
he is telling them NOT to be actual friends

…but to be friends so they can hook them up to get pussy?

so in a nutshell,
it’s just using gays instead of being a genuine brother and brother.
be masculine too so it won’t cast suspicion and start the whispers.

Thanks Austin,
I’ll take it from here…

1. if a straight male is going to befriend a gay male,
he needs to be secure within himself.
masculine or feminine,
when others are starting rumors,
insecure straight males will drop us when “rumors” start.
that is the worst feeling in the forest and on top of that,
to learn that our only purpose was to help him get pussy.

2. if we have to listen to how much pussy they get,
and hear the details of how good he slayed her,
we expect our straight friend will listen to our conquests.
so many times,
these straight friends don’t want to hear our stories.
it “gross them out“.

they do get off to us hearing theirs tho.

3. if a gay male is coming on to you,
more than likely,
you didn’t establish boundaries.
not only that,
you gave him a reason to think something was there.

4. aside from using us to get pussy,
many gay males are good for many other things.
money management,
self care,
and being a shoulder to lean on.
we can get your entire world in order to be a better man.

And lastly…

5. just because we know pretty vixens,
that doesn’t mean we are gonna hook you up with them.

austin seems like he would be a horrible person to date tbh.
he seems kinda close minded and gives “chad” advice.
i wouldn’t hook him up with anyone i know.
he might embarrass my gay ass.

i do love how he is giving the straights advice,
but that shirt is open just enough…

i’m getting “full of myself” vibes from this one.
the type to fuck and look in the mirror or camera.

lowkey: is he in a success relationship?
is he good in bed?
good with money?
what is the incentive in dating him?

7 thoughts on “austin dunham tells straights to get gay friends to get more pu$$y

  1. I wanna see the women he’s actually bagging to be giving this advice…

    I’d bet money it’s nothing but AVERAGE horny white women if any at all. Women don’t typically like men that are too full of themselves with no money.

    His physical attractiveness does not mean he is actually successful with women.

  2. I blame urban podcast culture, it’s making idiots feel like they have a voice to spew their idiotic and narrow minded notions.

  3. He sounds like some White people I’ve met who try to befriend a Black person so that people won’t think they’re a racist.

    “I can’t be a racist,I have Black friends.”

  4. Yep. When he was silent, I was definitely attracted. Now, not so much. Whew! #1 triggered me! Especially the part about how guys will distance themselves once they hear a rumor.

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