melissa barrera might win off the emotions of others?

i have learned the difference between emotions and logic.
emotions don’t allow us to play the long game.
it’s like pulling out a gun and shooting everyone but the target.
when we go into things with logic,
we are more than likely to see the bigger picture.

I use to be run by emotions but I’m learning to calm TF down.

some issues can be handled seeing it logically.
with this current war between isreal and palestine,
i learned that as a black person giving an opinion,
it’s a “damned if you do; damned if you don’t“.
i see why many black folks are just minding their business.
melissa barrera ( x got fired ) from one of my favorite horror franchises,
i don’t think spyglass,
the production company behind scream,
was thinking through this clearly cause

– Jenna Ortega reportedly just left
– Melissa allegedly gained more followers and support
– many fans are siding with Melissa and moving on from Scream

it looked like melissa wasn’t being nasty like others are.
she is simply speaking her truth about this situation.
so i had to wonder…

Does free speech actually exist?

people are in their emotions about this heavy.
to the point,
they’re being really nasty with their thoughts and opinions.
another thing this taught me is rejection is redirection.
it seems by firing her,
they are setting her up to have a bigger voice.
people who ignored her are gonna be paying attention to her.
folks who have sympathy for her will be supporting her.
many will stand with her and check out her future projects.
so they actually set themselves back with this emotional fumble.

When they drop you,
they are setting you up for better.
There is a bigger picture you can’t see.

i hope all parties can find what they are looking for.

lowkey: i feel like people underestimate the likeability of others.