cassie is wrong and diddy is right

cassie settled her lawsuit with diddy today.
it literally took a new york minute.
it wasn’t even 24 hours before they reached an agreement.
( x see it here )
this whole situation shook the internet tbh.
so much so,
it lodged many alleged secrets from diddy too.
i know he hates that trump didn’t destroy tiktok.
i’m glad they figured this out but i noticed something

cassie came forward with her alleged abuse,
and being pimped out by her ex.
there is a whole affidavit about what she allegedly endured.
she hasn’t gone on any youtube or IG podcasts to tell her story.
as her persona,
she moved in silence with her lawyers.
there was no grandstanding or statements for social media clout.
somehow within all of this:

She is still wrong.

i’ve seen she is “broke and shook diddy down for money“.
diddy had hours to show evidence supporting this and decided to settle.
i’ve seen “we as black people are supporting an asian“.
her race didn’t matter when she was singing over hip hop beats.
i’ve seen a few “she knew what she was getting into“.
so they’re admitting he is an alleged abuser then?
i’m confused.

i’ve also seen”another person trying to bring the black man down“.
this is the go-to excuse when a black man is caught up in wrong doing.
my question to the foxhole is:

When did being the victim become the villain?

i love when i saw people arguing over cassie’s race.
what is wild to me is:

Megan Thee Stallion
The young girl R. Kelly peed on

they are black and 2 were called liars during their situations.
the 3rd one was labeled a “fast ass little girl that wanted it“.
many black people didn’t support them when they were down.
many chose to continue supporting their abusers.
the crazy part is we love to talk shit about white people

…But white people sure did get Harvey Weinstein and Danny Masterson TF up out of Hollywood for his crimes.

i didn’t see much “bringing a white man down” rhetoric.

Some black folks love coddling straight black males who do wrong or are accused of doing wrong.

it’s wild crazy to me but it def does keep black people from speaking out.
i’ve seen the public go harder defaming that uplifting victims.
we gotta do better in the community but i’m afraid many of us won’t.
whatever the settlement was,
it seems like cassie endured and suffered a lot.
i hope she finds her peace to continue moving forward.

as far as diddy is concerned:


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he’ll be fine.

lowkey: i see this is why r. kelly had a reign of terror for years.
talent and good music keep you protected.

19 thoughts on “cassie is wrong and diddy is right

  1. The fact that most of these commenters are likely DL/discreet and saying what they’re saying is sad.

    Being gay/bi/pan, etc is something shameful for most. Now imagine another man forcing you or taking advantage while you’re under the influence.

    Would YOU run to report it? Wouldn’t you be ashamed of even being with another man sexually?

    Would you go through several years of trials and the public calling you names and judging you for getting lit?

    Kid Cudi and the car should scare everyone at the very least. People are afraid of Diddy. The fact people are afraid to go missing even SPEAKING on this and add to the abusive rumors for YEARS.

    Diddy had singers walk to get cheesecake. We laughed back then. Look back. Was that normal or sick torture. It had nothing to do with singing. He knew they were desperate to succeed and made them look foolish. How many of them are still successful????

    Thank you for having a heart, Jamari. Your future husband will be blessed. These comments are terrifying. How cold so many men are when women speak up. Diddy gave those masters back recently with a NDA clause to NEVER speak on him publicly. He knew this was coming.

  2. I’m sorry Jamari I still stand by my overall point, the salacious details of the complaint don’t change the fact that if the allegations are true, then Diddy belongs in jail or prison. Why is there this aversion to prison?

    Get the bag culture or “ pay me for my pain” culture sounds good in theory but the logic of those concepts has not been flushed out. Maybe people don’t believe it anymore but jail does matter, prison does matter, and not only do they matter but when it comes to heinous crimes they should be the primary objective, not money. Under this get-the-bag theory, the rich should just be immune to all crimes as long as they can afford a payout. Hey if you’re rich and drive a Lamborghini or Bentley going 115mph down a residential street and seriously hurt or kill someone, it’s okay as long as you can afford a payout, how much was your loved one’s life worth 10 million, 25 million cool just let me open up my checkbook nothing more to see here.

    Under this way of doing business why is R. Kelly even in jail, he should have just remained free to make millions making music and writing songs that way he could afford to just pay off all the victims of his crimes why even bother with jail since its all about the money anyway.

    Also as a side note, it’s not victim blaming if you as an uninvolved party want to see facts and evidence, people do lie all the time for various reasons resentment, anger, money, ego, etc. We also need to stop acting like technicality somehow invalidates something. An allegation is exactly that an allegation, I don’t support Diddy in this but what are you supposed to do with a legally unproven allegation?

    1. Legally unproven? Who do you think makes up a jury? Mofos like us! The amount of detail is enough to know he did the sht. Diddy being another gov mouth to feed in a prison is a waste of time and resources. He didn’t groom underage girls for his benefit, like Kelly. Different situations. Diddy has been publicly shamed, and hit in his murse. Solid punishment. Ppl acting like Cassie is wrong are trippin. Hard stop.

    2. In today’s word. Allegations become’s the truth. Money solves all. Before all the truth comes out people already made their minds up who’s the victim and who’s not. What kills me the most. If you disagree with the group thinker’s , you hate this , you hate that. Please don’t let the truth come out that individual they going up for lied the whole time. They will jump ship and start saying they knew something wasn’t right about the story.

      1. Who pops us this many years later w false allegations and gets a whole settlement the next day?! A non liar!

  3. Well that ended quickly it was clearly about the money soon as I seen Epic Records (Sony) listed as co defendants I knew then. I bet they paid the money I noticed in Diddy statement he said WE decided to settle. She better watch her back Sony kill count is through the roof

    1. @WestBest Yall never have this defense for GOOD Black men, always scumbags.

      Yall stay defending the worst of the Black community. I wonder how yall feel about Jonathan Majors honestly.

  4. My heart goes out to Cassie. Until I read the document I thought a lot the same things about her living on the hog and all. But the brutality she has been rumored to be suffering all at his hand is consistent with what is reported in the brief. I’m not surprised that she settled. She’s still dealing a lot of trauma. No one can expect someone still healing to also fight her victimizer with all she has. Being able to stand up and sue is her first step to getting herself back.

  5. Example #6835489753 of how many ppl are flat out weird. Who in their right mind thinks that this many years later Cassie wants to be embroiled in a legal drama after this man allegedly beat the crap out of her on multiple occasions. Let me guess, it wasn’t weird that a 40+ yr old multi millionaire media mogul was dating a damn 19 yr old, right? She was just reeeeeal mature for her age, right? Yall sound crazy if yall say yall would not accept a long overdue settlement for YALLS pain. No one else put themselves on front street and filed that lawsuit except for Cassie. All of these other ppl who were ‘willing to step up’ and ‘take him down’ on the strength of HER filing can go file their own. Fuk outta here! Run her her money!

    1. ^ i’ve learned in the black community that we don’t support victims.
      so God forbid i ever found myself in an abusive situation,
      i’m learning i have to shut my mouth and handled it quietly.
      i don’t need someone telling me i was a hoe or questioning my claims.
      i think the victim has to die before people believe their story.

      1. Depends n the victimizer. If he’s rich/success story, some ppl will ignore. If my basic brooklyn based azz had been in a relationship beating on you, I’d prob get some support from the gays because I’m handsome. Meanwhile, that shouldn’t be the case! It’s disgusting that Cassie’s situation is even up for debate.

  6. Just because she made a complaint, doesn’t mean I’m suppose believe her side of the story and her side only. I personally believe she livid high off the hog when every thing good. Then decided to leave when stuff wasn’t going her way.

  7. Diddy is wrong and yes Cassie is wrong, so let’s just keep it real. Cassie is wrong because, at the end of the day, she was supposed to fight this fight until she couldn’t fight anymore; if even half of her allegations were true she was going to win her case and Diddy would have been responsible for her legal bills as well.

    Instead of fighting the good fight, Cassie chose to take the money and run and now everyone is out here looking stupid and confused, both women and men were ready and willing to lend and blend their voices with hers to take Diddy down, you saw people from Kimora Lee Simmons to Kid Cudi coming out to back her story and now everyone is being forced to shut back up. I was watching some of these shows who were jumping at the bit to spill their guts about what they know and knew but by day two total crickets, you wouldn’t have even known anything had happened. The Breakfast Club didn’t really address it, Joe Budden wasn’t trying to go near it, and on TGIF Fox Soul they were jumping trying to talk about it especially Claudia Jordan yet again by day two you wouldn’t have known if anything happened.

    The real problem here that no one wants to address is this “ get the bag” culture. You really can’t be moral, ethical, and or fight for justice all while securing the bag. You get Diddy out of here, then go get your money.

    If it were me I would really pass a law that would ban people from filing a civil suit before an actionable criminal complaint has been filed, people need to start going to jail and then get their money.

    Now we are left with Diddy, his lawyers are absolutely right a settlement is not an admission of guilt and allegations are simply that if left unproven so how can you really hold Diddy accountable, the short answer is you can’t; you’re always going to have to parse your words and walk on egg shells at the threat that if you say something wrong Diddy is going to come after you legally. With all that is happening and an upcoming presidential election Diddy will be in a new costume by Halloween, and all will be forgiven.

    1. ^reality,

      did you read her complaint?
      really read what she had to say about this entire situation?
      i don’t think you did because you would never say she is wrong.
      cassie suffered from trauma and probably still dealing with it.
      diddy controlled,
      and pimped her out.
      this man blew up another rapper’s car and we didnt even know.
      diddy isn’t roscoe,
      the drug dealer from down the street.
      this is someone whose bts reputation proceeds itself.
      her trauma isn’t here for our entertainment.
      she told her story,
      sued in a civil suit,
      and he folded in less than 24 hours.
      i think she did all she needed to do to get him together.
      “pay me for my pain”.

      she stood up and did what many didn’t do.
      she opened the doors for others to sue/tell their stories.
      if they choose to be quiet,
      that is on them.

      remember what it took for harvey weinstein,
      bill cosby,
      and r. kelly downfalls?
      all of these people were an open secret and it took one person to open the door.

      so please rethink your statements and read the full complaint: here

  8. Realistically Diddy’s attorney stable is air tight! this man has gotten away with “allegedly” shooting (or atleast being the main reason the shootout happened) a women in the face in 2001, as well as stealing all musical income from dozens of Artists (including Cassie) over many decades, who knows how much else…

    Cassie would go dead broke trying to fight this man in court! not to mention how long that shit would’ve drug out 😮‍💨 Sistah atleast you got the $ he stole from you musically, the rest….just be thankful ur away from him & heal

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