tumblr_n3dsxnvA5g1rlvok5o1_500“aye shawty lemme talk to you real quick…”
if he pulled up next to you,
late at night like 11ish while you walking home in the summer,
what would you reply to him


lowkey: we haven’t done a role playing session in a long time.
gotta bring that back.

11 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (65)

  1. he’s so handsome i think i would just smile and say hello as i kept walking. i’d make light conversation but most definitely i’d give him my number. more then likely i’d make him pull over, get ouf of his car and we
    d just lean in front of his car and talk for awhile to catch up.but his eyes draw me in to him…however I’m NOT getting in the car….can’t be too careful these days especially if this occurred where i live at….which is in Philly

  2. I’d turn my hand into a pretend phone, act like its ringin and say “My body…is callin…for youuu…” and point at him and lick my lips.

  3. Get my weed and say a few lil jokes get his number. Continue to text him on a bi daily basis and get more weed. About a week later we in the same car smoking and he aske me what’s good. It goes from a peck, to a kiss, to a full out make out session. It’s getting good I mean REAL good and I ask the most important question ( do I have a rubber). He says ” nah bruh u got one?” In my mind I’m cursing up a storm cause I don’t have one. I say to him no I don’t, well we really don’t need one. Ummmmmmm yes we do I don’t go raw for nobody but the 1. By now it’s 11:45 and I have to get up at 6 for work. So we kiss some more and he put my hand on his D and I almost melt but I gota go to work. So one more kiss for the road and watch him pull off. I wonder if the store open so I can get some condoms. Fast forward to 3:45 the next say I text him ( u got 10) he replies always). I follow up with I got that other thing too…….

  4. My reply would be “You, me, right here, right now.” That’s what I’d be saying in my head at least.

    I’m so lost in his eyes right now.

  5. I’d say, “yeah what’s good bruh?” And then I’d hope his convo game was on point. If it was and my underwear was damp and tight in the front, I’d get his number and hope to see his sexy as again. I’d try to get him to step out of the car though so I could peep his whole swag

  6. I’d get in his car. I’m kidding lol. I’d talk to him, and if he’s cool we’ll exchange numbers.

    1. ^id ask him if i could get a ride.
      you know what kinda ride I’m talmbout.
      when I see his eyes slant and he licks his lips….
      “um ew!
      i meant a ride to my crib.
      what kind of boy do you think I am?!”
      i like to make people laugh and it’s a perfect intro to my personality.

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