*this is actually based on a dream i had last night.
i literally just woke up to write about it before i forgot.

you won a contest where you had full backstage privileges at a concert.
so you are sitting there,
watching everything that happens backstage.
the artist speaks to you candidly,
gives you high fives after each set,
and really showing you they are as down to earth as they portray.
well while back there this vixen:


…kept interacting with said artist as you observed.
somehow you both end up talking.
she tells you she the new assistant to the artist.
she got hired a few weeks ago and loves it.
well it goes from talking to her flirting with you HEAVY.
she’s saying how good you look,
how you would make a good boyfriend to some lucky girl,
and making jokes about she will to sleep with you,
but you can tell by her stares and body language she is dead serious.
she is actually coming off really THIRSTY.
oh the artist she works for and concert you were at?…


oh yeah.
the queen b.
so would you sleep with her assistant?
even tho you like dudes?
or would you decline and chalk up the l?
you do know whatever you do,
beyonce will hear about it.
do you care?


lowkey: i tried to find pic a girl who best represented the one in my dream.
well for those who want to know what i did…
me and ol girl were kissing,

but i didn’t want to do it.
in my dream i was hesitant because i kept thinking of my reputation.
i woke up before she started taking off her bra LOL
yes i went way too far for someone who didn’t want to do it…

8 thoughts on “WHEN WE ROLE PLAY: (64)

  1. Who Beyonce? I’m not getting impressed over some damn Beyonce. Only queens would.

  2. She is very beautiful. Yeah, I would have went all the way with her, and we would prob. end up dating too.

    Jamari was about to get it in…with a woman lol.

  3. This is like asking to be Molly the Maid, but ending up having to propose to get a “life partner”.

    No thanks. Keep the taco, I’ll wait for the meat.

  4. This is a good question! I don’t know what I would do. This is a damn of you do and damned if you don’t. I’m sure if I told her I was gay, she wouldn’t talk to me and there goes my Beyonce connect. This question is almost like selling your soul for something.

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