“let me pee on you (hold you down)”: the alleged mariah carey remix?

they are always coming for mariah’s neck like crazy.
this is the result of letting trash into your life.
the stink reveals itself eventually.
so mariah is being sued by her former assistant.
the reason “why” tho?
an “alleged” ew for this story via “the root/grapevine”
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The Big Ally For A Little Fox

largeshe knows.
she knows and she’s pissed.
someone is upset because of me.
so you know how i’m cool with one of the head honcho executive’s assistant?
the one that if she wanted the new yawk moved to the west coast,
you better figure out a way to do it.
that one.
well somehow,
she just found out about my department being eliminated.
thing 2 told her.

“what is going to happen to jamari?”

good question…
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I’d Like To Work (With) Sage The Gemini

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 7.51.46 PMone of my f-bi sent me this and i thought it was nice.
well ^that looks is nice,
but thats besides the point.
i like when celebs hire regular people to work with them.
gives us hope out here.
dominic woods aka sage the gemini hired a personal assistant.
this is what he said on his instagram
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My Alliances Are Bigger Than Yours (Liar Liar)

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 7.05.50 PM“you aren’t planning on leaving us,
are you?”

that was the call i got this afternoon.
i kinda started a wild fire,
but its also burning down and revealing just how appreciated i am.
i’m seeing that:

important people to cosign the fuck out my life.

something i always fought hard to achieve.
so another assistant i work with called me…
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Kerry Rhodes Assistant Is HAM

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 9.45.46 AMeveryone you know alton craig,kerry rhode’s assistant.
well don’t be shy.
he only looks like he bites….
on the right occasions.

well he is a HAM,
which means“hot ass meat”.
see why…
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*this is actually based on a dream i had last night.
i literally just woke up to write about it before i forgot.

you won a contest where you had full backstage privileges at a concert.
so you are sitting there,
watching everything that happens backstage.
the artist speaks to you candidly,
gives you high fives after each set,
and really showing you they are as down to earth as they portray.
well while back there this vixen:


…kept interacting with said artist as you observed.
somehow you both end up talking.
she tells you she the new assistant to the artist.
she got hired a few weeks ago and loves it.
well it goes from talking to her flirting with you HEAVY.
she’s saying how good you look,
how you would make a good boyfriend to some lucky girl,
and making jokes about she will to sleep with you,
but you can tell by her stares and body language she is dead serious.
she is actually coming off really THIRSTY.
oh the artist she works for and concert you were at?…

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