“let me pee on you (hold you down)”: the alleged mariah carey remix?

they are always coming for mariah’s neck like crazy.
this is the result of letting trash into your life.
the stink reveals itself eventually.
so mariah is being sued by her former assistant.
the reason “why” tho?
an “alleged” ew for this story via “the root/grapevine”

The ongoing legal battle between Mariah Carey and her former assistant, Lianna Shakhnazaryan, has gotten exponentially messier. As in, strap yourself in and have a napkin (or three) to wipe your brow-type messy. We’ll warn you now: allegedly, there’s pee involved.

Earlier this week, Carey sued Shakhnazaryan, also known as Lianna Azarian, for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, extortion, and invasion of privacy, according to court documents acquired by People.

According to the article, Carey’s suit stated that Shakhnazaryan:

“turned out to be a grifter, a Peeping Tom(asina) and an extortionist,” alleging that Shakhnazaryan secretly filmed Carey without her knowledge.

“Azarian, without Mariah’s knowledge or permission, secretly filmed Mariah engaged in personal activities which, if revealed, Azarian knew would be personally embarrassing and professionally damaging to Mariah,” the lawsuit said.

Carey alleges that Shakhnazaryan blackmailed her, threatening to release the videos if the singer didn’t pony up $8 million.

On Thursday, Shakhnazaryan hit back with allegations of her own. In a 32-page complaint, the former assistant outlined verbal and sexual abuse she says occurred in front of Carey herself. As BuzzFeed News reports, Shakhnazaryan said that while working for Carey (she was employed by the singer from 2015 to 2017), the singer’s manager would often refer to her as “that Armenian bitch” or yell at her to “Move your fat Armenian ass!”

She also accused Carey’s then-manager, Stella Bulochnikov, of slapping her breasts and “on multiple times pushed her to the ground and sat and peed on her,” writes BuzzFeed News.

i don’t know if i believe the assistant’s claims.
they seems to involve “that russian she-jackal” more than anything.
once you have alleged videos to “blackmail and embarrass” someone,
i’ve pretty much banished you from my existence.

the truth is stranger than fiction.
“the russian she-jackal” was the bane in mariah’s existence.
she had mc looking crazy.
mariah should never been out here doing a damn reality show.
i’m so glad that phase is over in her life.

article cc: the root/grapevine

4 thoughts on ““let me pee on you (hold you down)”: the alleged mariah carey remix?

  1. My reaction to this messs
    🎵How bout you get the fuck out
    🎤Take ya tings and be on your merry way
    🎹Up out my face
    😂😂Sorry I just can’t wrap my head round this crazy ass story to make a sensible comment.
    *struggles to turn troll mode off*

  2. The assistants lawsuit should be more so aimed at who was doing all that, the manager, not mariah. I’m just seeing on her sis that sounds like fantasy but then again you never know.

    1. Im just….Peeing on her? That sounds like fiction/fantasy but then again you never really know*

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