dl sex, suicidal thoughts, and the insane stupidity of it all

what’s done in the dark will surely come into the light.
no matter how good you think you are,
you leave a trail of bread crumbs to follow.
when you’re a dl male cheating on his wife,
you’ve pretty much open up the court to not rule in your favor.
last week,
i was sick when the following story broke.
it was about an alleged dl pastor who was caught cheating…

…with another male,
but they stupidly recording themselves doing it.
for the curious:


in a twist of fate,
the alleged dl fox in the video is crying suicide.

my thoughts on it all…

People are f’n stupid

it’s like the idiot who films himself robbin’ a bank,
the dumb ass who takes a picture right before they murder someone,
or posting pics while playing hooky from work.
the awful shit in your life doesn’t need to be recorded.
am i the only one who ever fucked with the dl,
but didn’t want to record it?
i’m starting to wonder

Have we become addicted to posting every single thing we do?

as much as i love a good amateur sex video,
and God knows i love the “dl” videos on pornhub,
ima need folks to “see the whole forest and not the tree”.
my rule:

“If Ima regret this later on,
I shouldn’t do it”

everyone should try follow suit.
based on the icing on this story,
i don’t feel much sympathy with what’s involved.

lowkey: i’m shocked the pastor isn’t suicide.
there must be more to this story.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “dl sex, suicidal thoughts, and the insane stupidity of it all”

  1. The taping was the downfall but inquiring minds wonder if White D didn’t release it that only leaves Clint or a friend who had access to the tape. There’s a back story to this as the pastor Clint seems to be radio silent. What’s done in the dark (and taped) will definitely come to light. How can you be DL if you are taping yourself? sad lol

  2. I feel bad for him even if he did post it. He’s younger and obviously has less cushion to fall back on. You already know he’s getting all kinds of death threats, harassment, friends and family turning their backs, career loss, and alienated.

    It’s just another day to us—we shake our heads and keep it moving. I’m sure ‘straight’ or ‘church’ people are blaming him and going hard at him though so I have some compassion.

      1. Let’s assume he knew all this. We’d think he was dumb af and a hot mess. You know there’s a double standard though. Even though he’s younger and not the one that made vows he’s about to receive the entire blame.

        Hetero and church people are about to hunt him down to threaten and ruin his life. He’s about to be known as the church boy that seduced a pastor for let’s assume a stupid mistake his entire life.

        1. If that’s the case the church folk and hetero folks need to really look at that clip. Pastor was enjoying the hell outta that ass. Check his face at the beginning of the clip, he had a smirk/smile. He even whispered something like “this ass is good” cause ol’ boy responded see what you been missing…so they been going at it some time.

          They’d be fools to blame JUST the guy being fucked. Ministers/preachers/pastors/bishops are snakes with that tongue. SOME, not all. They know what to say and do to get what they want. At my old church, the Reverend was banging several congregation members, and was even banging a young girl. The dad found out and confronted him. Had video evidence. The church was divided, but the amount of people who blamed the young lady and sided with the Rev amazed me. It was sad all around.

  3. This is a general comment not specifically about this story. But I’ve always being baffled by those amateur videos where the description says for example DL homies, married frat brothers,and both guys are looking into the camera.How are you married, on the DL,etc. and you not only knowingly film your encounters but you post the video on a pornsite where anyone can see including your wife,friends,…?

    1. I’ve always wondered why be dumb enough to record with your face showing too. But I guess they’re so lost in the moment (especially if drugs were used) that they don’t think about future ramifications.

  4. DL Black men need to stop trying to please society by dating and marrying women, and seek therapy for their repressed sexual issues. I have a frat bruh in the same situation – married… 2+ kids. He cries down in his mancave daily… the same mancave he sneaks his pineapples and wolves into while his wife is upstairs tending to their kids. He feels so trapped, but he’s in too deep.

  5. I was interested in seeing it but I was too late 😂The video has been removed at the request of the owner.

  6. the crazy thing is some of these women know about their husbands sex lives and/or participate. The world may not know but many couples have boundaries that each other knows about. I cant even begin to tell you how many times i’ve come across bisexual couples on jackd and a4a here in Philly. Folks be so quick to out others, especially other gay men. It’s like you knew this man was DL when you had sex with him but soon as he decides to stop screwing you or etc you expose him. People are crazy

  7. The church is full of hipocrits. I wondered what the obnoxious blog had on those two and it had nothing.

    When you are cheating on your wife, it’s not a good idea to take a video of the betrayal. By the way, the minister has a need for a bra with those big breasts.

    1. Well that explains everything.I remember an article about a “straight” guy who said he “became gay” after he had a stroke.Maybe Clint can say he was straight until his ceiling collapsed.#blameitontheceiling
      I’m clearly joking😂 but I’ve heard some crazy excuses/explanations when people get caught cheating.

      But seriously I hope he will start living his truth,life is too short to not to.Also in time his wife can heal from this betrayal.Life goes on.

  8. The pic with them big ol’ feet in the air! I’m *cups hands around mouth* HOLLERING!!!!!!!! Lmao, I don’t feel sorry for either of these two big buffoons…

  9. WOW. This vid has been “suggested” to me on Pornhub and Myvidster with the title “DL Pastor caught fucking young man” or whatever and I just assumed it was another video someone stole from someone’s page and made up a bogus title. I’m shook.

  10. He was pumping, pastor can get it. I don’t know him personally but for some reason, I don’t think this was a secret. He’s friends with a few of my mutual gay friends and his Facebook….before it was private scream I”m gay and it says “Walking and Living my Truth” so I don’t think we getting the full story. Its the other guy who’s having a melt down so I don’t know

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