aunt wendy is saying a temporary goodbye

i had a feeling aunt wendy wasn’t coming back next week,
i was right.
well the show is going on an extended break.
according to this statement via her official twitter

this is done.
whatever is going on with wendy is pretty serious.
she needs to focus on her health and not the purple chair.
at this point…

Can she really come back hard like when she first started the show in 2008?

i guess time will tell.

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “aunt wendy is saying a temporary goodbye”

  1. I have a tough time feeling bad for someone who has made her life’s purpose to basically expose and judge people for the same lifestyle she lives behind closed doors. I only hope that her “husband” isn’t abusing her and she isn’t on dying. 🤔 nah, nevermind, I couldn’t care less.

  2. Its done for real. She always makes it a point that she “never misses a day of work” so this is very telling. Her show was heading on the downhill anyway tbh. It got boring and people were more interested in her avoiding to publicly discuss her marital issues rather than hot topics. Everything eventually comes to an end. I wonder how the show could continue without her because its very lucrative and its paying a lot of peoples bills. The staffers on set, people behind production, boardrooms etc.

    Her husband really must not give a damn about her to be embarrassing her in public like this “dipping and doing it” (as Wendell says) with his pregnant mistress Sharina.

    Funny how Kevin manages Wendell but Wendell is the breadwinner of the family. I’m guessing she won’t divorce because a possible huge payout will ensue. Kendu Isaacs tease.

    1. She’s beyond delusional and corny. The things people want her to talk about, she doesn’t. But she always has time to rant about the Real Housewives of New Jersey or some White woman who is “a beautiful lady”. Beyond out of touch.

  3. I believe that you can make a come back. rather you like her or not, I wish her all the best.
    for all you young kids. Wendy been talking shit about famous people before some you was born.
    Wendy is vet when it comes to hot topics. she in the radio hall fame. that she a lot about her as person and her brand.

  4. This is literally her job you all. And we messy ones who judge her are the same ones coming to many sites that have opinionated gossip on it commenting and reading. You live for the mess, WE live for the mess, and Wendy has capitalized off that just like the white folks over at Fox News, The View, Kathy Who and Hoda, and don’t let me take it back to TEL and 106 and Park cause they was gossiping over there as well. Celebs business is a phenomenon that’s in most of us and if wasn’t none of us would be here relishing in her downfall. Again in a celebrities business sooo riddle me this what makes you any better than her? If you were better you’d be wishing her well and minding your own but instead you’re in the comment section of a blog conjuring karma like she didn’t just finish whooping your A** for your “sins” and wrong doings. I wish my girl well and yeah im biased cause its my auntie but i dont think shes wrong for doing what we all do, some more quiet about it than others but nonetheless it’s a fault and nature in all of us.

    1. I call it fake out cry. They try to act like what Wendy Williams is doing is destroying people life. If it wasn’t for the Wendy Williams of the world, People like Beyoncé and Chris Browns wouldn’t have a career. without Wendy talking about them, nobody wouldn’t pay them any attention nor selling their albums or anything else for that matter.

  5. I heard she is in rehab for alleged opioid addiction. I don’t feel badly for her tho. Not one bit cus if it was my girl Whitney in rehab she would’ve read her for filth.

  6. the problem with Whitney was she did not think she had a problem, and the people around her did nothing to help her. your mother.
    Wendy share her story about addiction. just because some talk about addiction does not always mean that they being mean or hateful.

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