The Big Ally For A Little Fox

largeshe knows.
she knows and she’s pissed.
someone is upset because of me.
so you know how i’m cool with one of the head honcho executive’s assistant?
the one that if she wanted the new yawk moved to the west coast,
you better figure out a way to do it.
that one.
well somehow,
she just found out about my department being eliminated.
thing 2 told her.

“what is going to happen to jamari?”

good question…

so thing 2 hit me up today and told me about the convo they had.
she said it lasted close to an 1/2 hour.
from how she was talking,
the assistant didn’t know what was even going on.
she is usually use to changes happening,
but she really likes me and my work ethic.
thing 2 said she was very concerned as to where i was going.

giphy-2thing 2 said the assistant wants to be kept in the loop.


this whole thing seems like a scheme from my boss.
as the days go on,
it doesn’t make any sense.
it just seems like he is trying to cut costs and fucked up along the way.
i’m also being told that the lay off has been pushed back,
which means,
who knows when it could actually happen.
it was supposed to be last week,
but i’m still there.

can i be completely honest with the foxhole?

i’m ready to go.
even if the assistant was to get me something,
or another department was to open up,
i actually want to leave.
i’m tired of working there.
i’m constantly tired and i feel run down.
it’s not even just me,
but many have the same opinion and are jumping ship.
i would like to bow out graceful whenever this lay off happens.

Is that wrong?


the meeting with the ceo wolf is next week.
if i can’t jump start into my career,
i’d rather go there.

Author: jamari fox

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14 thoughts on “The Big Ally For A Little Fox”

    1. Um Marc how how is he putting more drama into it then there needs to be? When this is HIS space, to vent about HIS frustrations, about HIS life. This man is literally on the chopping block for a job he has put his whole ass into so drama be dammed.

      1. And apparently Marc never heard of the Golden Rule: Never quit a job, unless you gonna be walking into the door of a new one.

    2. I do not know if anybody ever told you this my friend. Theirs a right way to go about things. you do not
      up and just leave a job. that’s the most foolish thing anybody can do. unless you working at burger king or something that’s another story in its self.
      from me to you, if you the type person who leave jobs over none sense. you want get far in life.

  1. You better not leave without them actually laying you off so you can get some kind of severance or unemployment. You did say that you had some funds saved up, but still.

    I would hit the head honcho up on the sly and act like everything’s good and let her talk to you about the situation. Act like you donmt know that she knows about it. Maybe something good can come from that even though you don’t want to stay.

    1. ^never will i just leave.
      that’s crazy talk!
      they could offer me a severance and that would effect unemployment to just bounce like that.
      ill talk to her soon.
      thank you for the right advice f&s.

  2. Jamari, stick it out. In the meantime, apply, apply, apply, apply, apply, to as many places as you can think of. Give your résumé a makeover and ship it out like it’s a Willy Wonka candy bar with the gold ticket.

  3. I know I shouldn’t be at this point but it surprises me how many people are affected or know about your good work ethic. it seems like they’re coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden lol 😂 It’s nice to know you have so many people in your corner.

    I think you actually outgrown that job and even though it seems scary to be let go because of finances and stuff I think something truly better is on the horizon, as always sending positive vibes your way.

    1. Yeah perhaps you can use some of them as a reference if this interview goes well. Anywho glad you’re still working in the meantime. I know you are all the way over this job but just remember those bills don’t just pay themselves. Plus you can continue to add to that savings for if you might actually need it God forbid.

  4. J, just take a deep breath, after all the things you have been through these last three years with your job, not having a job, ungrateful family members, backstabbing co-workers, work wolf, you got to know that you have favor, it would have broke a lesser fox, but you are still standing. Whatever happens you are going to be just fine.

  5. Stay strong buddy! That’s all you gotta do right now! Get those applications out and grit your teeth and bear it! You’re almost there! Gives you more time until your interview, hopefully you can get some sort of response before anything happens!

  6. Don’t quit, keep your good reputation like you intend to when you leave gracefully it’s harder for them to try and make you look bad to the next

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