My Alliances Are Bigger Than Yours (Liar Liar)

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 7.05.50 PM“you aren’t planning on leaving us,
are you?”

that was the call i got this afternoon.
i kinda started a wild fire,
but its also burning down and revealing just how appreciated i am.
i’m seeing that:

important people to cosign the fuck out my life.

something i always fought hard to achieve.
so another assistant i work with called me…

she is very close to the president’s assistant.
she let me know that she heard i was looking for references.
i told her i wanted to ask in case anything ever happened.

“oh YOU won’t be going anywhere.
what is happening?
i feel like there is more going on…”

so i basically told her whats been happening and how i’ve been treated.
i didn’t mention names up until she asked me who has been the cause.
her response:

“oh THAT girl?”

iuoPAWhQehH17from the tone of her voice,
i could tell she was not a fan.
i asked her how should i handle them?
she is a really pleasant vixen.
its like she glows and every time i see her,
she has a beautiful smile on her face.
i wanted to ask her how she achieved that?
how she keeps positive when people are throwing stones?
i didn’t want to be overcome with an attitude.

i want you before you turn the computer on,
i want you to pray…”

it was very similar to what jay said to me in an email recently.
she also proceeds to tell me what an asset i am to the company,
how she could tell i have a good heart,
a good dresser,
and that she has power as well.

YOU ain’t going nowhere…”

tumblr_inline_ndih0pkVIA1qcljj2it almost intimidated me that i have these two in my corner.
i don’t ever want to fall off and ruin their perception on me.
i won’t tho.

i called thing 2 to see how she was and we got to talking.
i didn’t mention anything about the references,
but i kept it general.

“oh the president’s assistant isn’t just cool with anyone here.
that means she really likes you.
she just has to send one email and the person is out the door.
it has happened a couple times.
always keep her in your corner.
if you ever tell her someone is bothering you,
she has THAT kind of power.
and if your boss ever got rid of you,
like for no reason at all,
best believe the president’s assistant would make their life a living hell down there…”

she also told me that my old boss always had my back as well.

tumblr_mky7xysFPK1rqfhi2o1_400is it wrong a smile wiped across my face?
liar liar isn’t the only one with an alliance there.
i got three big ones in my back pocket.
i will continue to do my job and stay in the shadows.
i won’t go alliance for alliance.
doing spiteful shit because i feel i’m invisible.
not my style.
i’d rather them cosign me outside this job anyway.

9 thoughts on “My Alliances Are Bigger Than Yours (Liar Liar)

  1. Woohoo. Great job Jamari! Your 3 is way better than her 10 anyday! Keep up the good work and keep your head up.

  2. You moving in silence, huh? How it should be done. Kudos J!

    Sad enough, most folk don’t know how to do that. Why so much drama revolves at people’s jobs. MAD GOO GOB DRAMA! LOL. I wish Liar Liar would sit her ass the fuck down. Bet you wish you could punch her in the back of the head sometimes… just because. LMAO.

  3. People know when someone is doing their job and doing it well. Keep doing what you’ve been doing and I’m sure the positives reviews of you will continue to something great.

  4. Great. Keep doing what you have been doing–a f!@#$%g good job. And keep looking for an out. With your work ethic and attitude, you should go onward and upward!

    1. ^im learning people can tell when you have a good spirit.
      they treat you as such.
      even tho the liars kick me down,
      they know I have a good spirit.
      they want to bring me to their dark side.
      won’t happen.

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