Its All Fun and Games Until Dudes Want Your Pipe on Video

tumblr_n4pf0nQfvA1r7how2o1_400its funny…
the talk of new yawk has been about that video.
the one with ( x the girl who walked for ten hours ).
the one where it showed how wolves act when they see a pretty vixen.
well a ton of vixens i know agreed with the video.
i like to do little q&a’s so i hit up a few of my homegirls for their thoughts.
they all had personal stories to share about harassment…

“ugh its annoying.
ive had dudes wave in my face so i could pull my headphones out.
ive had dudes follow me a few blocks.
its scary…”

“walking in new york as a woman is hell!
these dudes have no respect!
once you reject them,
they get all in their feelings and launch insults at you…”

“i’ve had men whistle at me from cars,
say my pussy looks fat in my pants,
and be all around disrespectful…”

“they don’t even respect you when you are with a child.
i have my son with me and trying to get at me…”

“when i see a group of dudes,
i cross the street.
i don’t even want to deal with the bullshit…”

the wolves i knew didn’t feel as sympathetic.
3 different wolves said:

“these females complain about getting hit on,
but then complain about being lonely and single.
niggas can’t win out here son!”

“well they be asking for it.
how you come out the house dressed like a hoe and not expect pineapples to holla?

“the dudes in this video just said hello and said “good morning”…
i’m lost at all the outrage for this so called harassment?…”

tumblr_mnsjudt3iu1qb4p3ko2_250i love a good debate!
well its definitely a difference of opinion.
one i don’t think wolves would ever understand.
we can do pretty much what we want without any repercussions.
i did wonder about something tho…

what would have happened if the video was reversed?
it was a fine ass straight wolf and instead…
gay dudes were trying to holla?

being extra disrespectful?
would the responses changed?

tumblr_mnsjudt3iu1qb4p3ko1_250i’ve seen wolves start going off because someone gay “looked at him”.
you even see it online when a jackals comments under a straight wolf pic.
being the biggest offender.

“i hate fags!”

“why is this dude in here commenting?”


…suddenly he is his feelings?
his “man hood” is being compromised!
he has to fight like he dropped the soap on cell block “save my butt cheeks”!
so i had to wonder…

Isn’t that video simply representing UN-wanted attention…
…or it not okay when gay men do it?

lowkey: they need to do an experiment.
put a fine straight wolf down in the village for an hour.
you thought SHE was harassed?

18 thoughts on “Its All Fun and Games Until Dudes Want Your Pipe on Video

  1. Try to walk in a all white neighborhood they racist ass would be all over her proposition her for sex like some prostitute but we probably will not hear about that because they can’t do no wrong in this society’s eyes. I’ve seen both videos. Both the men and women should be disgusted. For the men acting like they ain’t seen a girl in years and for the women not experimenting in an area that could bring a bigger prospective into the discussion. But like any coward you usually attack those whom are less likely to defend themselves in a respectable way. How much you wanna bet if she went to an all white neighborhood she would been call every n word in the book

  2. Eh, I say enjoy the attention while you can, whether you’re a man or woman.

    Some women dress provocatively because they subconsciously want that attention and then complain when they get it. If you’re dressed down with no make up and your hair isn’t done and people are still trying to holla that should come as an even bigger compliment.

    I mean damn would you rather be invisible to everyone? I mean I’m shy so I kind of get it but it’s nothing to complain about really.

    As far as gay men coming on to straight men on social media. If you mad make your account private and only add women and the problem will be solved, but they’re not going to do that because they’re attention whores. People in general are bolder online, most of them won’t have to worry about getting hit on in person.

  3. Oh, and that filmaker has a history of race blaming us folk, so that video has no merit, as said above.

  4. All men are dogs if they have no leash. Sexuality only narrows the targets, and has literally nothing to do with the intensity of the pursuit. Basically, if gay men weren’t under the possibility of being physically harmed or killed for talking to a straight man, I’m sure that it would be a huge problem in the streets. However, this is most certainly not the case.
    Straight men would not be hit on by gay men not even nearly as much as women are by men, in general. Gay men wouldn’t physically harm, harass, or kill a straight man like a man would do to a woman if they were ignored. Straight men wouldn’t have to have weapons to defend themselves like women do. So, the dialogue would never be similar. It may be annoyiing for a straight man, but they just have to suck it up, seriously. Their lives would never be in danger.

  5. great dialogue guys…and I’m not str8 AT ALL but sista in that gif is THICK!!!! Jamari i was literally over here like ‘omg and she’s chocolate’ with a body like that she better have some pepper spray on her because dressed like that in the hood you just asking for trouble

  6. Yes, it’s the difference between attention and unwanted attention. The only thing worse than unwanted attention is likely no attention. If a woman walked and got no attention, she’ll likely think that she is very unattractive. And like Jamari said, straight men sometimes/often go nearly batso when gay me even comment on their pictures–let alone “talk to” or “approach” them.

    Ladies, this is life. Men want sex. Experience has taught them that the way to get it is to “holla” at many women and if that is done right, you’ll have some pussy by one of them on Friday night. It’s a numbers game. Some women seccumb to the “talk”. Others do not. It’s a numbers game.

  7. That video was very biased. They only showed black and latinos in the ghetto. Why didn’t they put her in the white neighborhood?

  8. Now she is getting death threats and rape threats because she dared to complain about unwanted attention.
    Fortunately I rarely have to deal with this because Houston is not a walking city.
    It does drive me crazy when strangers tell me to smile

  9. Well it is different when gay men hit on straight men because by society standards being gay is not the norm, so when a gay man hits on another man, more than likely a straight man he is frowned upon. From their view, it is natural for men to hit on women and vice versa. When I watched the video, I easily could understand why she was offended. Yea, some of the men were polite, but come on, most of them just want to smash. I’ve been harassed by men in the past, I ain’t gonna lie. It is not a good feeling at all. Then they get upset when you dismiss them and shit, and they approached you disrespectfully from the start. I can be in line getting food, and it’s some dude who is just too close for comfort. All over your shoulder and breathing on the back of your neck. I don’t like my personal space violated, and when a person does that to me it causes problems. How about the ones who try to bump into you when you walk past them? Ain’t that some shit? Yea, some people are hard to talk to then others, and I’m one of those people. However, if a person doesn’t want to be bothered, just leave them be and go on about your business. Do not get upset because someone doesn’t want to communicate with you.

    1. ^good point man!

      straight men sorta contradict themselves especially online.
      I can see why they don’t look at gay men trying to holla,
      but it’s all the same thing if they want to be technical.
      for the first time,
      they are put into the position of being a piece of meat.

  10. This is some interesting bullshit, but I totally agree w/you about gay men commenting on str8 wolves. Str8 wolves make me sick!!!!

    1. Lindo, you have to admit that at times some gay men are outta control. They are all in people’s DM’s sending pics of their booties and dicks, and that crosses the line. How would you feel if a woman stuck your hand in her cooch? Y’all be throwing up like Peter, Chris, Brian, and Stewie from Family Guy when they drank that ipecac.

      1. ^ YESSS LINDO!! Men in general don’t have a fucking filter! SAY THAT SHIT! A man is a man is a man is a man lol no matter what the fuck his orientation is. Straight men send unsolicited dick pics just as much as gay men send dick pics and booty shots. Idk why people act like gay men are totally different than straight men.

      2. The point was straight men do not cross the line with gay men sexually, therefore they should leave straight men alone. Since when do real straight men bother harass and send DM’s to gay men? We’ll wait…..Don’t try to use the straight life as justification to prove your point because y’all don’t know about that. NOTHING.

      3. Yes, I’m sure lol. Your are gay right? The only knowledge you have about how the straights communicate is from what you have heard from straight women and men you associate with and from what have you read on the net. Come on man. Y’all don’t date communicate with women sexually from a first hand experience. Stop lol. And as I said, REAL straight men do not harass gay men sexually, therefore if a man says he is straight, gay men have no business sending them pics and being thirsty towards them. I don’t care how sexy they look, or how many peen print pics they have on their page. Since they are straight, those pics are entertainment for women, and men are supposed to silently admire the photos and keep it moving. The problem is, gay men want the same treatment and privileges as women, but yet want to be treated as a masculine men. Y’all can’t have it like that, nor should you.

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