somethin’ tatted cums this way

remember this tatted hood wolf?
oh you don’t?
lets see if i can jog that memory

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“i ain’t dating no bi man EVER”

I have learned in life that many vixens are full of shit.

that isn’t to font that all vixens are full of shit.
there are ones who say/font one thing,
proclaim a lot of big shit,
but do the opposite when they think no one is looking.
the ones online are notorious for the cap.

Many vixens are dating or married to bisexual males and THEY KNOW.

they only play they don’t know because they fear being judged.
it’s like when they break up with their manz and they’ll tell everyone:

He had a small peen
He was Broke
He didn’t wash his ass
even though they was online posting about eating groceries

…but was with him for 5 years faithfully.
so when i saw this bi male talmbout vixens STILL try to get with him,
even knowing that he messes with males as well

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some of ya’ll are bringing straights into our spaces and it’s making others uncomfortable?

as a young fox,
when i first started to dip my paws in this life,
i didn’t have many gay friends.
the ones i did encounter moved funny so i cut them off.
i had many friends that are vixens who cheerleaded for my exploration.
i didn’t feel comfortable doing it alone so i asked them to tag along.

I did a lot of my exploring in this life with Vixens.
One was straight and the others were lesbians of all kinds.

with the lesbians,
i learned they attracted foxes or straight wolves who want to fuck them.
the types of wolves that i wanted weren’t in their circles.
the straight one,
who wanted to be a gay male herself,
was cockblocking unintentionally (or maybe it was intentional?).
about her scaring off my first foxy love:

a foxholer sent me the following about straight vixens in the gay club…

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this is lia thomas and she is a trans vixen swimmer.
she goes to university of pennsylvania and is currently smashin’ records.
she has caused quite the stir by swimming with cisgender vixens now.
she competed against males before she transitioned.
the usa swimming officials are setting up a new policy for trans athletes


the vixens are fantasizing about sluttin’ males completely out? (get the strap)

males exude dominance in sex.
the bedroom is the only place they have control.
men can show their domance over other males during sex.
how many times have you wanted to dominate that cocky asshole?
we have seen cocky males get turned into pretzels by other males and bow down sexually.

sidenotes: i’ve heard of a record producer who would assert his dominance over rappers he signed.
for him,
it was power.
a vixen walked in on him getting his meat sucked from a popular rapper.
imagine walking in and seeing some shit like that?

so the question is:

What can women do to show their dominance?

i saw the following tweet and it seems vixens are tired of how they’re treated by males

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the types of vixens that gay and bi males love to date?

some vixens only attract bisexual/gay males.
you’ll see their boyfriend and be like,
on some occasions,
it isn’t as obvious.
you only find out when the hidden boyfriend flies out of the closet with the reveal.
it can be said for this recent drama with blac chyna and her new alleged wolf,
who seems to be allegedly gay or bisexual by the reveal.

isn’t this like the second dude she dated that was found out to be bi/gay?
blac chyna comes off a tad aggressive.
besides her “look”,
which seems highly influenced by trans vixens,
she doesn’t come off feminine.
a majority of the wolves she has been with have been “softer“.
i’ve come to the conclusion there are two types who attract these kinds of males

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