this is lia thomas and she is a trans vixen swimmer.
she goes to university of pennsylvania and is currently smashin’ records.
she has caused quite the stir by swimming with cisgender vixens now.
she competed against males before she transitioned.
the usa swimming officials are setting up a new policy for trans athletes

The governing body for competitive swimming in the US issued a new policy on Tuesday regarding transgender athletes wanting to compete in elite events.

Effective immediately, USA Swimming said a three-person panel of independent medical experts will now decide whether “prior physical development of the athlete as a male” will give an unfair advantage over cisgender females.

The panel will also check that testosterone levels have been less than five nanomoles per liter for at least 36 months prior.

“USA Swimming has and will continue to champion gender equity and the inclusivity of all cisgender and transgender women and their rights to participate in sport, while also fervently supporting competitive equity at elite levels of competition,” read a statement on Tuesday.

“The development of the elite policy therefore acknowledges a competitive difference in the male and female categories and the disadvantages this presents in elite head-to-head competition.

I feel like she should be competing with other trans vixens tbh.

regardless of lower testosterone,
i think she still has an unfair advantage of power and strength.
regardless of her transition,
her body is built differently than a cisgender vixen.
as males compete against males,
cisgender vixens with cisgender vixens,
then trans vixens should have their own sports categories to compete in.

i come in peace.

article cc: cnn

( x a usa swimming official quit because of this too )


  1. I wish there was an edit button. If they allow transwomen to compete, give them a handicap as a test. Not make an entire team of trans but allow them to compete against other trans on other teams without handicaps. When women wanted to play in the NBA they created a whole league for it. Some of them are better than some men. Just adapt for that one person. A 3 sec delay may not seem like a lot but it does in the water.

  2. I agree, there needs to be a trans team. Men do possess stronger bodies as athletes that some women can’t compete against. It has nothing to do with what’s between their legs or what used to be between their legs. Men were built to be stronger than women unless that woman decides to work out like a man and has a body builder type body. Then she can compete equally against a man. There should be a trans and non binary team. You can’t force people to accept you who you are then choose which team you want to be on because you would easily win. They made a womens team for a reason. Women can compete against the men in some events. I would say there are some better WNBA players than NBA players. They can play a game together. If they do allow a trans to compete then I think they need to test to see the average speed of the fastest woman and if they beat that by a long shot, then they need a handicap to offset it to make it fair.

  3. I agree Jamari. There is no pc way around it. Everyone can’t have everything. Until they can get their own trans leagues, the competition will never be fair.

    Not sure if you all are familiar w the Caster Semenya case, but she has been in court trying to be allowed to compete in track again. They implemented a rule similar to this, regarding testosterone levels for certain distances, after Semenya had been dominating for like 2 Olympic cycles.

    If a high-T genetic female (not sure if she is intersex, but she is DEF full of testosterone), is untouchable, then there is no denying the advantage of a transwoman, especially one who up until recently, was competing against men.

  4. The larger builds do go away with CONSISTENT transition and discipline on the part of the trans girl, but it takes at least two years. Lia hasn’t been on hormones very long, and one can tell that due to her body not being broken down.

    1. That isn’t true. Trans woman my lose muscularture over time by the descrease in testosterone, but the skeletal frame doesn’t change nor does the increased bone density.

  5. It’s messy but I am glad they are trying to do something. When males go through puberty their testosterone gives them more muscle development, densor bones, and larger frames. All of which don’t go away when you transition. These things give you an unfair advantage over cis woman.
    They also don’t get periods which actively work against women in a competitive sports environment.

  6. I agree. Almost every instance I’ve read where a transwoman competes against ciswomen, she immediately breaks all of their records by a longshot. Like you said, even with lowered testosterone, their bodies already developed much stronger before their transition. A separate Scoring for trans folks would be best. I can already hear folks crying about unjust segregation, but in sports, it is only fair.

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