i want to establish trust with my future wolf.
i want him to be as free as a bird cause the moment he fucks up…

…Ima fly the coop!

kierra “kiki” sheard doesn’t trust friends around her “huzzband”.
she said she will send them straight to a hotel than stay at her crib

Gospel singer Kierra Sheard tells Page Six that when her girlfriends come to visit, she makes them stay at a hotel so that her husband isn’t tempted to have sex with them.

“My momma has already told me don’t have too many people around your house … I don’t care how good you trust them or whatever it is, I’m very mindful and careful. I would buy a friend a hotel room before I let them stay at my house,” she told us.

Sheard married landscaper Jordan Kelly on Dec. 12, 2020, in their hometown of Detroit.

“Am I supposed to let them into my home? Because we as believers, we believe that what we have we are supposed to share with others, but I’m not sharing my man,” she told us. “Since I’m not sharing my man, I have to be cautious with everything else that I share as far as with him being there too.”

“I think it’s such a thing as boundaries. Some friends don’t know that balance and can’t understand the balance,” she added.

so the friends are the issue and not the cheating husband?
she does know that if a husband gon’ cheat he’ll find a way.

His Mama Crib
While She is On Stage Singing

Field of Dreams
At The Hotel Because He Went to “Get Something From The Store”


lowkey: what would possess her to say this out loud?
i feel like jackals love this kind of insecurity.

article cc: page six

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.


  1. I’m not mad at it. Her parents have been married for at least 30 years, so their advice would seem viable. 👏🏽👏🏽

  2. Um if a Nigga is gonna cheat they’ll do it and no shade but she provided a hotel to do it. This weird mentality that an man cheating is the other persons fault and not them is backwards.

  3. Hey long as she paying for that room I’m good, but ain’t no way we boutta be friends if I gotta pay for hotels Jus to come gave a friends weekend or something with u, I got no problem with protecting your marriage but I refuse to take on any of the stress of it either

    1. @Ant I saw that too, but I was like I’ll let someone else say it, and sure enough…lol

    2. He do! He look like he can lay down some dick too which is why I’m not mad at Kierra being protective as much as she can, one can only go so far before a man gets horny to the point that he thinks with his southern head instead of his northern head if you know what I mean!!🤣🤣

  4. Her insecurities is coming out. Plus what kind of marriage does she have that she doesn’t trust her man or friends. This is all kinds of red flags.

    1. She probably married him for show. If thats what being in love about. I do not want no parts of it.

  5. He’s a Q-Dawg prob be banging the hell out of Kiki. She came back and cleaned up what she said but hell he’s a “high profile” nigga now cause he’s married to the Bishops Daughter that’s married to Gospel Royalty so i know his inbox be flit with tits and peen!

    1. It’s so ironic that he is a Q, and married to the daughter of COGIC’s Presiding Prelate. The same organization who use to preach against frats and sororities, calling then cults. I know so many guys who denounced b/c of COGIC. They use to pass out a booklet on my campus.

  6. Uh,girl if you have to do all that chances are that he’s probably already banging some other chick. You need to be worried about the men.

  7. If we are friend enough for me to travel to see each other.
    But you do not trust me as a friend to stay overnight.
    We don’t need to be friend then

    1. You right she fighting losing battle. I’m pretty sure if anybody does try come in to him, it’s probably for a come up and that’s it.

  8. Is he cutting grass while she making movies while her friends in the hotel? Don’t he work on Sunday’s while she in Church? Oh ok, I thought that was gon stop him from cheating too. I mean I would have said, I want to keep my private life, private, let’s talk about this new movie I’m doing.

  9. I don’t want nobody, always
    Sittin’ right there
    Lookin’ at me and that man
    Be it my mother, my brother, or my sister
    Would you believe, I’ll get up, put on some clothes
    Go out and help them find somebody for theirself if I can
    Yes I will —-Aretha Franklin– “Dr. Feelgood”

    I guess Kierra grew up listening to her mothers good friend Aretha Franklin’s classic song “Dr. Feelgood” when Aretha tried to tell everybody she was not down for you Girls being around her and her man. I aint even mad at her. Of course this is probably going to blow up in her face in the near future, being that when you make these kinds of statements they always come back to haunt you but it sounds good for publicity. I laughed when I heard about it. The older I get the more I hear people give their thoughts and opinions on these Social Media Streets the more I just take a deep breath and keep it moving because usually its nonsense anyway. Well good luck to her all the same in keeping a happy home.

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