*this is me at my mother’s grave shortly after her death.
i look like i was a legit drug dealer taking this pic.
the sean john outfit be matching tho.


my mother was “that vixen” in barbados.
she was a model and socialite,
but her weakness was popularity and athletic wolves.
sounds familiar…
from what i was told,
because of an ain’t shit jackal,
she was banished off the island.
after coming to america and suffering hard times

…sometimes working 2 jobs,
she got herself on her feet for me to live with her.

*Fun fact: Her last job was working at United Airlines outta Logan Airport.
If she lived during September 11th,
the planes flew out of Boston before they hit the towers.
She worked as a ramp supervisor.
( x see tribute at logan )

my mother sacrificed a lot to make a life out here for me and my sister.
star fox’s father told me the other night she would be proud of me.
she would be impressed with how far i’ve come.

She has always been with me tho so she sees it.

when he met me,
i was a whole mess and i don’t think he believed i’d be this fox i am now.
if she was still alive,
the foxhole probably wouldn’t even be a thing tbh.

today is her birthday and not a day goes by that i don’t miss her.
happy birthday to my Mum.

i hope she continues to rest peacefully.

lowkey: a then and recent…

the “then” was when i was running with the wrong tribe.
the “recent” is when i figured out who i am (and my work look).

Author: jamari fox

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10 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM”

  1. My heart goes out to you and she had to be AMAZING cause her son is ( smile) . Please don’t be sad . She is simply on the other side / next phase of the journey . Love never dies and she hears you when you want her too. She is very proud of you and loves you .

  2. God Bless & she will always live on through you! DNA & Spirit! ….Light hearted Side note was Jamari givin’ trade in that photo? 👀 lol

    1. Happy Heavenly Birthday to your Mother.🙏🏾❤️
      Aww look at young Jamari(Cutie-patootie😀)
      But look at you now!🔥❤️ Handsome with beautiful lips💋

      My fellow sexy Cancerian♋♋

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