how to order clapped cheeks at the drive thru

*the following is rated xxx.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

 has sex on social media become overexposed?
don’t get me wrong,
i love sex.
you know that i love sex.
i was just on pornhub an hour ago.
folks are clappin cheeks for us to see,
whether for free or paid subscription.
don’t get me wrong,
i’m a voyeur so i love to watch but what i’ve noticed tho…

Folks are on a “Clappin The Cheeks” world tour for fame

a foxholer sent me this and i’m like…

question mark.
i had to ask myself if i’m a prude cause i could never.


The cops pulling up to that drive thru while he was clappin’ those chocolate cheeks?

 record that moment!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

24 thoughts on “how to order clapped cheeks at the drive thru”

  1. The gays, just like unemployed hoodrats w 5 kids by 7 different people, have turned sex into something to do out of boredom. Letting ppl inside of your whole body, left n right, because you need a job and a hobby…

    1. This has nothing to do with gay or str8, this is about class level. People with money and 6 figure jobs definitely aren’t fucking in front a FAST FOOD places. I could never… I see str8s on pornhub and other tube sites that have been just as public. I saw one str8 couple fucking in the convenient store. This is about class and couth, children could have been nearby.

    2. So its clear you never seen the straight couple that was busting down in the gas station in the middle of the cooler and chip section right in front of the store camera.

  2. This what porn star Big Beef had to say about it on Twitter, lol:

    This is a hot fucking mess now this is going to damn far it one thing to fuck outside but in Front of a place where people buy feed from is not right 🤮 I have been in the porn Industry for a very long time there are limits to where I would shoot video at 🤦🏾‍♂️

  3. Shocking, disrespectful, nasty, degrading, disturbing ,embarrassing ,risky and very ANTI -CORVID PPE Friendly!!!!..
    Those donuts are Price- Gouged due to the pandemic.Shame shame..

  4. What a cowinky dink. I was recently looking for porn to jack off to yesterday and i swear i was like “damn! does anybody fuck in a bed anymore.” The pubic sex in a park and other places has gotten out of hand. I don’t know how anybody would be comfortable enough to do that knowing anybody could walk in on you at anytime.

  5. That is fucking gross and disgusting. This is why people look at us gays like we are nasty because so many are nasty like this. This isn’t even close to being hot. I’m not down with doing shit like this in public and this is just so low right here. I wish the cops had come and arrested their dirty asses.

    1. Straight people aren’t a different species, they do the same gross shit… I have never heard a rumour of someone gay doing the nasty in public just countless straight men and women.

  6. What’s crazy is people will brag about going to the park to find some strange. I remember when people were discreet and kept their kinks to themselves. I personally think having sex in a park is creepy because kids may be nearby. Even if it’s at night, would you have sex in a crib? No. So why at a park? It’s WEIRD.

    The closest I’d do to this is on the 400th floor of my multi-million dollar condo overlooking the skyline and maybe some birds or rich housewives see me. Think the Khalid-Normani Love Lies video.

    1. I wouldn’t have sex in a park either but parks are not for children in the same way that a crib is for a baby, children sleep in hotel beds but sex has been had on that bed. Either way, nothing about trees and grass says children to me… Some people don’t have enough privacy at home so the park is an option for them, I guess (I’d rather book a hotel). I would see your point if they were having sex in a playground.

  7. Someone will identify them and the DD location and report to the local PD.

    Like another commenter said… soon when asked “what is the weirdest place you’ve had sex?”… the answer will be the bed.

  8. This is so damn gross… I’m not a fan of public sex but I am particularly disgusted by the deed being done at a location were food is purchased… Attentionistos will do just about anything…

  9. So if you go to the car wash and bust down its ok but in front of the Drive thru menu after 12am is nasty or sucking dick in KFC under the table is nasty…. got it. I mean I seen Khi Lavene get his dick sucked on the street in broad daylight on a New York street, in front of the MARTA train passing by, in a hotel elevator, in a hotel hallway, in a car wash while washing his car, fucking in the back seat of a moving vehicle. I have seen Lil D have a woman suck his dick in public, fucking in a bathroom, I seen dudes fucking in a Xsport steamroom, sauna, jacuzzi, and walk a walk of shame in the showers. People will bust a nut anywhere and I refuse to walk barefoot in anybody’s gym. That is the most cum soaked place ever! But people think this is a “class” thing. Yeah ok. Even Senators get their dick sucked and fuck in public. Pastors too.

  10. I can proudly say that I’ve never had sex outdoors.. Some of y’all are nasty as fuck. What is this shit? I could never.

    Only a certain LOW type of dude would do shit like this.

  11. What y’all don’t get is that the onlyfans dudes that result to this behavior are clearly bored and dissatisfied with their sex life because all they do is fuck strangers.

    So now they have to fuck is random places to possibly get an adrenaline rush and some clout on Twitter.

    Most of this shit isn’t even sexy. They’ve killed amateur porn for me. Let’s go back to the bad acting porn with a script at this point.

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