someone grab lira galore and get her together

when in war with someone else,
especially when the court of law is involved,
it’s best to make sure you always look good.
your goal is to win so you always need to make the other person look stupid.
in turn,
the other person is gonna try to make you look crazy.
that being fonted:

You shouldn’t be out here handing someone else the win.

that is why i’m baffled with lira galore today.
she was high and drunk out her mind on ig live.
she is in a custody battle with her ceo baby faavah,
pierre “pee” thomas of “quality control music“,
but looking like this

that she jackal in the orange >>>>
i’m not getting good vibes from her.
is lira absolutely positive that these are her friends?
i would never have my friend on ig live looking crazy.
lira looks like she is on more than just weed too.
this is a huge contrast to who pee looks on his ig:


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i’m sure he gets down with the get down,
but in the eyes of the law,
he looks “stand up“.
if my baby faavah was a ceo of one of the hottest labels out right now,
ima be looking like claire huxtable on my ig.
the money would be the motivation.
i wouldn’t have to work a day in my life off that child support.
the issue with lira and many others like her:

These vixens are hoodrats.

she has no other life skills than being naked and getting fucked.
the only flex she has is her followers and likes.
what else does she have going on?
clearly not making good life choices.
 maybe tho…

This is her plan all along?

she can lose custody and do as she pleases?
she might not have wanted the baby in the first place,
but she saw dollar signs with a possible come up.

rick ross clearly dodged a bullet.

lowkey: wolves be wanting a attentionista like lira,
but don’t realize the turn up is always permanent.

7 thoughts on “someone grab lira galore and get her together

  1. Jamari hit it right on the head. She’s just another hoodrat! Unfortunately, thanks to social media, hip hop, and L&HH, ‘hoodrat’ has become the ONLY visible face of ‘black’, in media/the public eye. But outside of her fellow rats, show me someone who has high expectations for her, and tell them I have a bridge for sale in Brooklyn…

  2. Last time I checked lira is a type of currency. Apparently, she doesn’t know what that means, she should be all about the dollars. Her so called friends don’t give a shit about her, and what child wants his parent high and drunk, now the whole world can see the type of chick she really is. Get it together sis!

    1. she can’t and won’t. look who she is surrounded by. They will bring her down and then talk shyt about her once all is said and done.

      1. P has no chance of winning custody, have you even read the case files or did you just retrieve this off of LSA? Lira has won every motion and has proof of him beating her and won the motion for that and his harassment. He doctored text messages to say she was on coke and the judge fined him for that. Lol his photo ops are good but not good enough to win a case. Isn’t he a felon?

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