someone grab lira galore and get her together

when in war with someone else,
especially when the court of law is involved,
it’s best to make sure you always look good.
your goal is to win so you always need to make the other person look stupid.
in turn,
the other person is gonna try to make you look crazy.
that being fonted:

You shouldn’t be out here handing someone else the win.

that is why i’m baffled with lira galore today.
she was high and drunk out her mind on ig live.
she is in a custody battle with her ceo baby faavah,
pierre “pee” thomas of “quality control music“,
but looking like this

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Birds of A Feather Fly Coach Together?

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 7.26.38 PMi’m having a lot of problems with this story.
okay so…
everyone knows,
or should know rather,
that lira galore is engaged to rapper wolf,
rick ross.
lira is a pretty attentionista who thought she snagged a winner.
well they broke up because allegedly she smashed all the homies.
after many subliminals,
picture erasing,
and i’m sure a lot of begging (from her im sure),
they rekindled whatever they have.
that is until a vix-bi sent me this via famelicious
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