someone grab lira galore and get her together

when in war with someone else,
especially when the court of law is involved,
it’s best to make sure you always look good.
your goal is to win so you always need to make the other person look stupid.
in turn,
the other person is gonna try to make you look crazy.
that being fonted:

You shouldn’t be out here handing someone else the win.

that is why i’m baffled with lira galore today.
she was high and drunk out her mind on ig live.
she is in a custody battle with her ceo baby faavah,
pierre “pee” thomas of “quality control music“,
but looking like this

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blame the lil’ intercourse you had with another guy on the vodka? the henny? the goose? hell, the weed?

likka and weed really lower our inhibitions.
we tend to get comfortable and reveal who we really are while on it.
i’ve heard that brown likka can really get the party started.

cheat code: you want me open af,
give me dusse.

this is why when some dl males are looking to hook up with gay males,
they always ask:

“You got smoke?

sometimes they are comfortable until they get some liquid and smoke courage.
the following straight male got so fucked up,
he ended up having to explain why he had just a lil’ intercourse with another male.
he had his baby mama on a live broadcast to help his case.
a foxholer sent me this video from “fly height“…

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they all become really gay or bi once drink 3 hits

he likes you.
the problem is he isn’t supposed to like you.
that’s why he is always so back and forth.

One minute he is showing you he is interested

Next minute: You don’t know where you stand

have you noticed that he drinks and smokes a lot tho?
when he is under the influence,
that’s when you can really tell that he is feeling you.
well i had a theory that i posed to the foxhole today…

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i know jill scott been going through it.
i know she just got a divorce and the ex-hubby had it out for her.
she ( x won a gag order ) against him because he was yappin’.
so i know she has been dealing with some things,
but this right here…

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How Drunk Was Kenneka Jenkins?

so i guess we we were all wrong.
kenneka jenkins may not have been murdered.
she was drunk off her tail and stumbled,
into that hotel freezer.
the police released all the surveillance footage and well…
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I’m The “Rihanna” Type of Friend

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 9.36.54 PMthis is why i love rihanna.
she is “that friend” to have to get you together.
well her friend,
lee lee,
decided to get drunk and act a fool in the streets after the 2015 bet awards.
this is what had to happen…
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