blame the lil’ intercourse you had with another guy on the vodka? the henny? the goose? hell, the weed?

likka and weed really lower our inhibitions.
we tend to get comfortable and reveal who we really are while on it.
i’ve heard that brown likka can really get the party started.

cheat code: you want me open af,
give me dusse.

this is why when some dl males are looking to hook up with gay males,
they always ask:

“You got smoke?

sometimes they are comfortable until they get some liquid and smoke courage.
the following straight male got so fucked up,
he ended up having to explain why he had just a lil’ intercourse with another male.
he had his baby mama on a live broadcast to help his case.
a foxholer sent me this video from “fly height“…


folks have no pride nowadays eh?
does everything just need to be said?
i mean,
let’s have a real conversation.
this is why some folks get so caught up out here.
they mix a few drinks with some weed and next thing you know:

we have all been that at one point in our lives.
drunk or high sex can be great,
but a drunk AND high sex mix get you all the way open.
so i had to wonder

Could he be telling the truth and got caught up by the intoxication?

on another side tho,
alcohol is a truth serum and tends to reveal all.
we all know “straight” males that only come alive with other males after getting smacked.
the likka,
and looking at your sexy ass,
pulled the bisexuality out of them (like you will the nut) in about 20-30 minutes.

i’d love to know what the baby mama is thinking tho.
i feel she’d know the truth and still go nowhere.

lowkey: i haven’t had a good smashin’ while intoxicated.
needs to bring that back for 2021.
i’m a real wild animal in bed when i’m good and drunk.

video cc: fly height

10 thoughts on “blame the lil’ intercourse you had with another guy on the vodka? the henny? the goose? hell, the weed?

  1. There’s that good ol’ “I was drunk” excuse. Good cover…but it’s tired.
    I’ve had lots of “str8” dudes hit on me when they high and/or had a lil’ too much to drink. Some of them remembered enough to ask me the following day if they “talked crazy”. One guy I was so tempted to give in to. He was phyne as hell and had a nice physique on him,,,but rumor was he “burned” a few of his girlfriends, so I passed.

    Alcohol does nothing but lower their inhibitions and gives them the “courage” to push up on someone they want. The thoughts are there, they’re just too scared to act on it in a sober state. Alcohol gives them an excuse.

    But it is a truth juice, and if you get a mofo drunk enough, he’ll do some dumb shyt like tell on himself (which is what I think this dude did) and then blame it on the likka. I like to see white guys drunk…because that true redneck comes out when they are. They get freaky too. LOL

  2. Alcohol, weed, or any other drug doesn’t turn someone gay or bisexual. It lowers inhibitions to allow a person to do something they wouldn’t normally do (usually for fear). Some people can only do it when drunk or high to stop their mind from freaking out.

    I need my partner to have some semblance of consent tho.

  3. Jamari I will be to your place in a few to watch the…ummm elections…. just need to run to the “likka sto” to buy a bunch of bottles. What’s your preference?

  4. Every man I have ever dealt with would never talk to me again if I even THOUGHT about explaining my sex life let alone ask them to be on camera discussing it to people who don’t matter.

    I hate when gay couples answer who the top or bottom is in Q&As. It’s not cute. You don’t ask straight people if the husband gives oral or if the women gives anal or anything like that. People are beyond invasive, disrespectful and entitled when it comes to gay sex.

  5. Well first this video is like 5 years old 😂
    2. They’re always drunk when they get caught
    3. He’s cute the babymomma sounds like a man and doesn’t look that cute so those are the types the dl’s go for to use as a beard and help them with their defense!
    4. Why have the children there discussing that type of stuff and using that language 🤦🏾‍♂️

    1. ^flyheight had this video looking like it was new!

      i’m with you on the language around those kids.
      i won’t even get into the baby mama,
      but you i’ll agree with your sentiments.

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