bobby lytes, from dade county, wants ya’ll to chill about that big ass meat he bagged

is this,
law of attraction success story?
i feel like andre marhold and bobby lytes they would make a cute couple.

they’d make a better one than who andre was with before.
that one reeked of goats blood and human sacrifice.

so you guys have been a little annoyed with bobby for being all on andre.
bobby addressed all of your concerns on his ig story…


it’s the filter for me.
can we talk about why i thought i was watching something on crunchyroll?

i mean,
he’s right on it not being anyone’s business,
but he would be outta business if we don’t make it our business.
it seems like he said all that to say we fuckin’,
ain’t no labels on it,
this how we do things from dade county in miami,
and ya’ll need to relax until we release our onlyfans collab.

Am I wrong?

bobby campaigned for that big ass pipe and got it.
he went full “7 rings” on our asses.

I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it
I want it, I got it, I want it, I got it
You like my hair? Gee, thanks, just bought it

baby mama or nah,
he gots andre’s big ass dick and i ain’t even mad.
it beeees like dat when you get the meat you been waiting for.

lowkey: shiiiiiidddddd,
lemme set up my own campaign for this meat i been waiting on.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “bobby lytes, from dade county, wants ya’ll to chill about that big ass meat he bagged”

  1. Men will get married and not post about it. If you are posting about a man and he’s not posting about you, you’re doing it wrong. You don’t post about him until he posts about you. Especially for fems who want to compete with women, but say they’re not..but think getting with a man who has a baby mother…isn’t messy. I guarantee Andre is out here and NOT claiming it. I haven’t seen any other blog post on him and I’m sure he posted that to create buzz. Andre is a dime a dozen and is only somewhat…cared about because of a White gay man. Let that sink in. None of these OnlyFans guys are going to end up on TV. VH1 fired all of the OnlyFans people (probably why Erica and Safaree broke up. They probably fought about not having a check when Covid is over) so why would they bring Andre to LAHH? Bobby isn’t even known outside of that show and I wouldn’t know if this blog didn’t post. Not taking anything from him but the only famous people from LAHH are Cardi and Remy.

  2. So they just fucking and Andre’s not fully comfortable with being looked at as a bisexual or gay man!! Believe me Andre’s been out in these Atlanta streets!

    SN: Jamari when did u get a YouTube, hopefully we can get more content 💪🏽

  3. Bobby is just elated to have someone “desirable” FINALLY paying him some attention. Ofcourse he’s gonna post about it. This link up only has about 30 more seconds to last, then it’s on to the next painted face bottom. so let him enjoy in peace lol.

  4. Bobby don’t see Andre trying to get on Love & Hip-Hop: Miami or get close to Trina. Some people just liked to be used just to get fame. Bobby know he a user and he don’t care as long as he get seen in public with the man everybody know he got dick. Bobby tried being a pornstar and like Zell Swag, that shit didn’t go nowhere.

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