waving to the foxhole from emotional hell (hope all is well!)

the emotionals have been on 1000.
there is pressure in my chest.
i’ve been crying off and on.
every time i sit still,
i start dwelling on things and people i know/like/maybe love(?).
i’ve had no energy to write anything tbh.
the thought of sleeping all day has been the move.
i slept off and on during election day.
wtf is happening to me?
i know…

Jamari Fox has been going through it

between this disaster that is the election,
snooping on my “deep like” interest socials,
falling out with Scavenger,
feeling lonely and needy for some kind of attention,
it has been a real shit show for my emotions this week.
i’m like,
at what point did i take a left turn and crash in a lake?

Am I the only one feeling this way?

the only thing making me happy is watching people play video games on twitch.
i bought zelda “breath of the wild” for my nintendo switch and haven’t been in the mood.
i’m asking The Universe to get my energy back up.

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8 thoughts on “waving to the foxhole from emotional hell (hope all is well!)”

  1. No you’re not the only one. This election shit has not been good for my mental health. I was hoping for it to be over with already but they are DRAGGING it out. It also doesn’t help that i work with a bunch of delusional Trump supporters who won’t shut the fuck up about it.

  2. No youre not the only one…it started for me around Halloween time….I always get depressed when I feel like something is missing…I know Im not missing out, but something felt empty. Im starting to notice a pattern with me, when a big event in the black gay world happens i feel left out…maybe because I recently came to terms with my sexuality and I dont have any gay friends or maybe Im not ready for that yet but I feel like I should be experiencing things. Sometimes I feel like Im behind, things people were doing at 18 21 I gotta start doing at 30…..

    I checked your blogged a couple times recently and was wondering why u didnt post. Keep your head up, this too shall pass….

    1. ^tev,
      you are def not the only one.
      that fomo is real.
      ima font about my fomo in another entry.
      it is something we don’t address.

      sending big foxhole energy to you and i hope it passes for you soon.

  3. You’re not in love, Jamari. The idea that somebody has to show you what love is–is false. When you’re in love, you’ll know and won’t have to ask. As far as people you like, if they’re making you cry and it isn’t from crying into their shoulder after you make up, because they heard you out and know what you don’t rock with, they’re not worth liking.

    And the demonic energy is tangible. Everyone is afraid for a race war. Funny how the conservatives are the ones who are threatening us. Not so conservative.

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