their bad is bigger than my bad so… my bad?

when we are going through it,
everyone else looks shiny and new.
you’re home; they’re out
you’re broke, they’re buying versace
you’re single; they’re riding the d train to countless orgasms
usually when this is happening,
we are in an emotional desert and our minds are playing tricks on us.
every single time that i look at others and feel sudden insecurities,
like i’m missing out or my life really sucks compared to,
they end up telling me how

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what would an evolved you with no trauma or hurt be like right now?

my therapist asked me something yesterday that i’m still thinking about.
it’s interesting how a simple mind trick could possibly change your life.
so during our session,
she posed this question to me…

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everyone loves a good season finale

season finales.
when a good tv show ends,
the season finale is usually poppin’.
it ends on a note that has us like:


it’s friendships having rough patches,
someone cheating,
or a main character getting killed off.
so next season,
we will be invested in where the remaining characters go with the storyline.

Since we are stars in our own stories,
it left me to wonder…

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pastor dwayne dawkins went from being outed to…

when we live our lives in secret,
and we are outed,
i feel like it’s the Universe putting us to the test.

Do we take our own lives?
Do we pretend it never happened?
Do we deny, deny, deny?

our answers depend on our personal strength levels.
we know life is going to change,
whether we like it or not.
pastor dwayne dawkins,
who was ( x famously outed on someone’s ig ),
has emerged from the shadows.
he went on larry reid live to discuss the aftermath of the outing…

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i’m boring rn.

like animals in the wild,
everyone’s life has a moment of hibernation.
even when it’s a season of partying and celebrating,
YOU might just want to lay in bed and binge tv shows all day.
life gets boring.
you have no social life,
in the middle of a transition,
no one is fuckin’ you or wit you,
and you’re literally not in the mood for any bullshit.
these days,
with no job and in a pandemic with weird violent energy happening outside…

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