i think we have been going about life all wrong tbh

do you know the type of people i lowkey kind of admire?

The ones who don’t gaf

the ones who send unsolicited nudes to straight males
the ones who show up to events they aren’t invited to
the ones who say or do whatever its on their mind without filter
the ones who will sleep with whoever even if they aren’t attracted
the ones who can’t take no for an answer when they’re attracted to them

these folks don’t care how they look.
they hardly know em.
they will do who/what they want to get what they need.
they have no shame.
that kind of energy is interesting because lowkey:

Society secretly accepts those people.

look at who our last president was.
our government legit has villains who want to see the world burn.
look at the people folks admire and follow on social media.
gays will empty their savings for homophobic vagrants with muscles.
dl males will mess with obviously messy folks to be outed.

they will get judged for a second and then people will be over it.
they’ll still get invited and be accepted into higher society.

here i am trying to make sure i don’t make people uncomfortable.
here i am trying to do the opposite of what abused me in the past.
here i am just trying to be accepted and supported.

Have I been going about it all wrong?
Does the one who does too much end up getting a better life than those who care too much?

i had to wonder:

Is this current era truly kind to those who follow the rules?

6 thoughts on “i think we have been going about life all wrong tbh

  1. I know exactly what you mean Jamari but i think the only people who are capable of moving like that suffer from some type of mental disorder. Moving that way isn’t possible for people who have self-reflection. It’s for people who lack an inner voice. They’re almost like animals the way their mind works.

    1. ^ it’s interesting how sometimes,
      when you are not feeling your highest,
      you think everything is better than your circumstances.
      in reality,
      it’s not but the fomo or the emotions are speaking rather than the logics and facts.

  2. I thought like that then I met a friend who got stuck in a rut and addicted to drugs . He’s very self conscious now and overcompensates with fake airs of confidence but he’s dying inside. I want to offer encouragement and I wish for the best but when i tried to give advice he gave me distance. It’s hitting now. Be the best person and improve but don’t change whatever is authentic because what’s on the surface isn’t what it seems with these guys . Party promoters in Atlanta LA Houston and NY get applauded with every post no matter how outlandish . Everyone watches and is afraid to speak out for fear of being labeled as hater or judgmental. Getting money by any means is their game without boundaries or limitations. So when they speak on doing Coke everyone says shit like “live you’re best life!!!” They’ll applaud you until you crash on fentanyl with 20-30k followers then everyone is saying they knew you and RIP. These men the community praises are some of the worst and most narcissistic people on the inside, But their “friends” didn’t try to stop the train wreck & when it crumbles down they go post gofundme one week, go to the funeral , (bc they couldn’t scam for life insurance like the other scammed and stunted for outfits and possessions) These same people cant post anything besides selfies , nudes and how horny they are bc they’re afraid to piss of their followers they need endless praise and to be lauded , yet the accounts with under 1500 can string together cohesive thoughts and responses because they’re authentic . People live their whole lives on social media seeking attention they can’t get in real life. These people either a) never had a glow up and have to photoshop their lives away b) had a major glow up but still hate what they see in the mirror and suffer from depression, body dysmorphia etc. Channel the feelings of insecurity into motivation to build your body, tailor your aesthetic Not for outside validation but make yourself the motivation . I put my pictures in an album and I ask myself how can I do and look better for me. What would make me feel like my job is well done

  3. Keep planting seeds of good. Don’t change. Being 10feet tall is great for some things, yet inconvenient for others. I was a straight up MONSTER in my 20’s: by hook or crook I got what I desired, but I ultimately hit rock bottom, I mean REAL rock bottom. Besides that, you and I are not yet rich enough to be fucked up and get away with it. That distinction is reserved for Republican pedophiles and orange tanned ex Presidents.

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